Like as if periods aren’t traumatic enough, period boobs have to be a thing too oh yes I just love how my bra suddenly doesn’t fit for a week thanks I enjoy that


7:00 in the morning

The air was still, and so were my eyes.
The world around me was tinted blue.
7:00 in the morning, the air was cold, and my minty breath was masked by weed
My heartbeat was calm.
Her hoodie draped on my body, and smelled of her, it smelled like home.
7:00 in the morning and I was content.
The silence sat comfortably in my ears, but I longed for her voice.
7:00 in the morning and I missed her, I just yearned to be in her arms.
7:00 in the morning, I am high, I am calm, I am happy, and I am filled with thoughts of her.

I’m tired of shitty parents making their kids turn into kids with a hate complex for them so they do stupid rebellious shit and bring a bad name to internet friends like fix your fucking parenting style