it really annoyed me (a jongdae-stan) when a lot of chen/xiumin-stans were angry about xiumin and chen sharing a v-app broadcast instead of getting one each. idk, they got two episodes together, and i personally think they were both a lot more comfortable doing it with each other than by themselves, so I thought it was very selfish of those fans to completely dismiss that and just whine about how they didn’t get a broadcast each. we got two hours of xiuchen, what are you complaining about lmao??


“Turtle” by the late Paik Nam June, the father of “video art.”

Composed of 166 television sets, “Turtle” conveys how the TV has become a meditative device in the modern world. In ancient China, people would meditate upon the cracks in a turtle shell to divine the future.

I’d imagine if Paik were still alive, he’d have put it together using smartphones and tablets.

At the “Paik Nam June Show,” Dongdaemun Design Plaza.