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Kol Mikaelson #1

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Prompt:  It’s Y/n birthday but everyone forgets so Y/N stays home and an intruder comes in and Y/N freaks out and calls Kol.

A/N: Requests are open!! Hope you like it! Leave me a message about you think amores xox

It hurt. It really did. You tried to shake off the uneasy feeling in your stomach. You knew that your friends wouldn’t forget your birthday on purpose and you knew that they were probably just really busy with all the other things going on in your life. Even though you knew all of these things it still hurt that they couldn’t even call or send a text.  You stayed in bed just laying there, unmotivated binge watching Netflix shows until your stomach grumbled. You groaned and paused Law and Order SVU. You walked out of your room and downstairs to the kitchen and made yourself a coffee to wake your nerves up. It was almost midnight, almost the end of your ‘special’ day. You kept checking your phone in hopes that maybe a friend has sent something but  your hopes were soon diminished as your phone showed no new notifications.  You were about to head back upstairs until someone knocks on your door.  You were confused as to who would come by this late at night.  It must have been important. You checked the window first to make sure that it wasn’t a murderer. To your surprise there was no one there.

“I’m imagining things now. Great.” You mumbled to yourself, rubbing your temple.  You started to walk up the stairs again until you heard a knock again. You felt your heartbeat pump faster in your body and the chills crawl up your back and down your arms.  You were almost scared to open the door knowing it could be a supernatural creature out to kill you. You decided to go with your gut and ignore the door. This time the knocking on the door became louder and you started to freak out. You sprinted up to your room and locked the door, rushing to your bed to search for your phone.  You found your phone on the floor by your desk, charging against the wall. You rushed over there and with shaky hands started dialing. The knocking has only gotten louder in your house until it stopped. Your breathing has quickened and your heartbeat was thumping loudly in your ears. Your heart skipped a beat as you jumped up when your heard the front door burst open.

Hello? Y/N?” You heard his voice speak through the phone. You didn’t dare to breathe a word as you heard glass shattering and loud footsteps boom through your house. You ran into your closet and hid in there.

Y/N?” You set the phone to your ear when you heard him speak again.

“Kol?” You whispered., your voice quivering.

Y/N? What’s wrong? Is everything okay?” His voice was groggy but there was an underlying tone of worry in his voice.  The door to your room was being pounded on and you hung up the phone, not wanting to risk any noise from your phone. What sounded like a big figure marched in the room.

You hid yourself further in the closet and looked through the small slivers through the door. There was a big man in your room. He was scruffy and definitely looked dangerous. He was holding a gun and what you were hoping was ketchup was stained on several parts of his shirt. He grunted in frustration when he looked over at your bed. He made his way around your room, opening drawers an looking for something .Your hands were shaking and you held them closer to your body. What a great birthday.

Sweat was dripping from your forehead as the dangerous man made his way into the room that was joined to yours by a bathroom. You opened the door slightly as the man disappeared in the other room. You tip toed out of your room and sprinted downstairs. You made it to the last step until your body was jerked to the right and a hand was placed over your mouth, muffling your scream.  Your body was pushed against  a wall gently and you stopped your squirming when you saw Kol looking at you, holding a finger to his mouth.  Your breathing slowed down when your brain processed what was going on. He slowly removed his hand form your mouth. He grabbed your hand and pushed you into the coat closet as he walked in with you. Kol closed the door and turned on the light.

“Stay here and wait until I come and get you. Do you understand Y/N?”  Kol said, still holding your hand. You nodded your head and he turned off the light and stepped out of the closet, disappearing into your house. You heard grunts and groans and things breaking upstairs and a lot of stumbling. You started to grow worried when everything became quiet. Footsteps came down the stairs and you tried to hide in the closet as far as possible so that the person walking down the stairs wouldn’t know you were there.   The footsteps grew louder and you realized that they were coming towards the closet. You held your breath in anticipation, desperate to know what was coming next.

The door opened and you let out a sigh of relief when you saw that it was Kol. Without thinking you wrapped your arms around his neck and brought him to you in a tight hug. He responded quickly and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I’m sorry Kol.” You whispered in his ear. He pulled away slightly and looked at you confused. You dropped your hands by his biceps while both of his hands rested around your waist.

“Why are you sorry darling?” He cocked his head to the side,  waiting for an explanation.

“I didn’t mean to call you in the middle of the night and wake you up. I should’ve just called the police. I don’t know why I didn’t do that. I’m such an idiot I should’ve-”

“Y/N.” Kol stated while setting a hand on your face making your body freeze.  You looked at him as he was smiling down gently at you.

“I’m glad you called me. The police wouldn’t of been here quick enough. You might of gotten hurt or worse. I don’t care if I’m sleeping or in a different country just call me and I will be there.”  He said. You close your eyes and replayed every word that rolled off his tongue seconds ago, processing what he was saying.

“Thank you.” You said, opening your eyes and smiling at him.

“Don’t thank me yet.” He said, causing you to cock an eyebrow at him. He pulled you out of the closet and brought you upstairs to your room. You looked on the bed and saw a few presents with a card and flowers on your nightstand. You looked at Kol and he was looking at you nervous for your reaction. Your cheeks burned a bright pink as a smile crossed your face.

“I meant to come by earlier today but I was so nervous about your reaction. Originally I had gotten you more gifts but I didn’t want t overwhelm you.” Kol said. You could tell he was getting lightly nervous because he was looking anywhere but you.

“Kol you didn’t have to go out of your way to do this for me.” You said, walking over to the plants and smelling them.  You looked at the gifts laid out on the bed and walked over, grabbing the card first.

“You mean too much to me for me to ever go out of my way for you.” Kol whispered but you heard him. Before opening the card you looked over to him. He looked at you dead in the eye. You smiled once again and walked over towards him. You grabbed his hand and walked him over to your bed, sitting him down on the bed next to your gifts. His height allowed him to be at eye level for you. He watched your every move as you moved one of your hands to the nape of his neck and pulled his lips to latch them onto yours. Kol moved his lips in sync with your and grabbed the back of your knees to pull you to sit on his lap, from then moving his hands to your hips. You continued to kiss him while your other hand moved to run through his thick hair and rest on his shoulder. You pulled away, the both of you catching your breath and looked at Kol, resting your forehead on his, his eyes darting around your face.

“What are you doing?” You asked him.

“Admiring your beauty. Happy birthday, darling.” He smiled at you.

“Thank you.” You said, latching your lips onto his once again.

Loving can hurt

Kol x Reader


Synopsis: Mystic Falls’ crew kidnaps you intending to kill Kol, then he comes to rescue you and a few things happen.

Word count: 1658

“Elena, I am sorry, but I am not going to help you, or anyone, to kill him!”

“For God’s sake, Y/N!” She yelled, frustrated. “He is an awful, merciless, crazy maniac! How come you are letting him live? Have you forgotten how much pain he has put you through?”

You gulped, not having a real clever answer in your mind. Of course Elena was right, Kol Mikaelson was a synonym for trouble and you really was out of mind to step up and defend him. But you had developed a friendship with him and got to know a side of him no one could even imagine. The thought of somebody hurting him made you physically ill.

“I know that, Elena.”


“I am still not joining this messed up plan.”

Bonnie, who was quiet all this time, just listening, stood up and glanced over you, as if she was trying to understand what exactly you had in mind. “Sorry, Bonbon, it is not exactly an easy task.”, you thought, almost laughing at your tragical life. She opened her mouth and closed right after. It took a few tries before Bonnie actually spoke:

“You sentencing Jeremy to death.”

“I am not! I can talk to Kol, even to Klaus, get them to…”

“Well, if you are so popular with the Mikaelsons, how about we use you to drawn them here?” Damon said, sarcastically, coming out through the kitchen door. “I mean, you are not willingly helping us, but it will do the trick just the same.”

You wided your eyes, actually scared they might use that to get what they want. Of course, complete the Hunter’s mark and find the bloody cure to Elena would make them do anything.

“Come on, Damon, you do not have to do this.”

“Are you helping us, then?”

“I need some air, a little time to think about it.”

“Unfortunately we do not have time.” You heard Stefan say.

Sunddenly, you felt an aching pain in your head and fell, not being able to stand due the dizziness. It took no more than five minutes for you to lose your consciouness.

[Later that day]

“Can somebody think?” You heard, vaguely. “Y/N is about to wake up and Kol is not here yet.”

Your head still hurt a little, perks of being a human. Not an ordinary one, since you discovered, a few weeks ago, you belonged, or should, anyway, to pack of wolves from the North East Atlantic. That’s why Niklaus Mikaelson took so much interest on you and pulled you into his family business.

After all the Mikaelsons were freed from their long sleep, also known as being daggered by their half brother, you met the one who stole your heart: Kol Mikaelson. He looked so… Unique. Of course your relationship had a rocky start, as he tried to drink from you, tortured you and would have killed you if Klaus had not stopped. The whole thing made you hate him for awhile and plot a revenge, helping your friends to get information.

“So, we text or call?”

“We should wait until she’s awake. It would be way more dramatic.”

You tried to focus on their voices, to tell them apart and know who the hell was talking.

“Damon, I already feel bad enough to be doing this to her, she does not deserve it. Y/N is my friend, our friend. This whole thing is not fair!”

“Elena, she chose a maniac over you. Keep that in mind.”

“I have to agree with Damon on this. It hurts me too, but we have to do it.”


Now you were fully awake and aware of what was going on. Your hands were tied up and you were standing, limp. Only a small candle enlightened the room, providing a fuzzy image. You had to find a way to prevent the disaster that was about to happened. Because if they did not kill Kol, which was already a bad thing, he would go nuts and go on a killing spree, not letting any of your friends alive to tell the story. You knew what he was capable of. 

You started moving, just for them to realise you were awake.

“Perfect timing, sweetheart!”

“Damon… All of you! Do not mess with this family, because if you kill one of them, his siblings will not rest until you are dead.”

“Blah, Blah, Blah.”

“I mean it!”

“Can somebody just call the bastard?”

You twitched, trying to free yourself from the ropes. Of course, it was useless. In times like these you really wished you were a wolf and not this pathetic little weak human.

You let out a sigh.

“I promise I will let you out as soon as this is over.” Elena whispered. “I am sorry you are caught in the middle of this.”

“Elena… Listen to me, please.” You asked, almost begging. “Kol can be a nice person, if he wants. However, he is also a wicked son of a bitch who will kill anyone that gets in his way.”

“Tell me again why you are friends with him?”

“It’s complicated.”

You lowered you head, not quite wanting to reply that question. Being around him was hard and messy. It pulled you to Kol even more, though.

Both Stefan and Damon walked towards you and Elena, the latter grinning and holding a phone in his hand. You did not know what was so complicated for them to understand, however, it was already too late for that.

Y/N, why are you calling me? Something happened, love?” Kol’s voice sounded preoccupied.

“Not quite, honey.” Damon smirked, replying. “But if I were you, I’d hurry. Things are about to get wild.”

He hung up.

“Now we should get prepared.”

“Let me go, now!” You cried. “You got what you wanted.”

“We will do that… After he is dead.”

“Damon, you are so freaking annoying!”

Then they left, leaving you all alone in the dark cold cell.


[A few minutes later]

You heard a thud upstairs and instantaneously got worried. One more time you tried to free your wrists, using all the strength you got on your bones. Push after push, nothing worked.

Where is she?” Kol screamed and you heard another thud. “Let her out. GIVE HER BACK TO ME!

“Oh damn it!” You cursed, angry with all of that.


“Caroline? I didn’t know you were here.”

“Listen to me, we don’t have time. Are you sure you can control Kol?”

“What have he done?”

“Just answer me!”

“Yeah, I can talk him out of killing everyone.”

“Then come.”

She was not very kind when she pulled the rope, making you stumble and almost hit the floor, since your legs were still weak from the time you spent hanging. You walked slowly and she offered to carry you, if it would make things faster.

The minute you arrived at the living room, you realised why they needed you up there. Kol had his hands right at Elena’s neck and one very close to her heart. He would kill her without blinking.

Fuck, you hated being the reason to all of this.

“Please, stop!”, you said, your eyes watering. “I am here, Kol, you don’t have to hurt anybody else.”

As he heard you, the Mikaelson loose the tightened grip around the older Gilbert. She ran away from him and hid under Damon’s arms, obviously scared. 

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, they wouldn’t hurt me.”

“I was just so worried about you.”

He pulled you into his embrace, where you went without complaining. It felt so good to be close to him. Smell his glorious scent, hear him breathing. The whole package. You almost forgot there were other people watching you hugging.

“Now you”, Kol suddenly spoke, looking at your friends. “Tell me, why you needed me here?” 

“We wanted to complete the mark. Killing you was the best cheat we got.” Damon replied.

“Funny, I guess you know that if anyone manages to kill me… My sireline dies whithin.” He stated. “Also, you all could be sired to me.”

“We are all sired to Klaus.”

“Well, mate, you can never be really sure of that.” He let out a devilish smile. “Anyway, I should get going.”

Before you and him left, Kol, in a minimum amount of time, grabbed Damon by his neck and lifted him up.

“If you ever touch her again, you will not live to tell.”

Kol then smiled and let him go, walking to you and holding your hand, after he got close enough.

Outside, it was a windy, and the moon shone vividly. A perfect ending to a very nasty day. For second you thought somebody would end up dead. And now… All you wanted to do was kiss your friend and say it would have hurt the hell out of you if he died.

Kol stopped and gave you an intense look, one that made you shudder out of pleasure. It was a mixture of feelings you did not care to understand completely.

“I love you.”

You froze.

“You w-what?”

“I love you, Y/N Y/L/N.”

You bit your lower lip and he watched, a grin on his face.

“Well… I guess… Hum… I love you too.”

“Took you long enough to say it, love.”

You giggled.

He cupped your cheeks, leaning to kiss you, which he did, very carefully. His lips were wonderful and the couple of seconds it lasted, it was great. Gosh, you felt like jumping and laughing.

He smiled against your mouth.

“I guess we should get going. Nik will not be pleased to know the events of this afternoon.”

“Tell me about it!”

“You handle him.”

“Are you crazy?”

You laughed, as he placed a hand on your waist, getting you even closer to him. You could not help but think that was perfect. Not just the moment. Everything.

All perfect.

Like it should be.

Original - Kol Mikaelson Imagine

This was it, the first big fight you were having with Kol. You were both just continually shouting at each other. 

“You shouldn’t go out there Kol,” You stood and followed Kol to the table. “Do you know how dangerous it is to walk blindly into a fight? You’re being stupid!” You shouted trying to get his attention as he poured himself a drink.

“I am an original vampire Y/N! I think I can take care of myself!” He slammed the bottle back down on the table.

“I can’t believe you Kol! You are not going there!” Your hands were balled into fists as you felt your heartbeat rise.

“That’s not your decision to make!” The crystal glass he held shattered into a million pieces. His eyes turned black and dark veins appeared on his face. “You have this obsession with “fixing” people, but you can’t fix me! I’ve been broken for a long time, this is what I am. Every horrible, awful, disgusting part. That is me and I. Can’t. Be. Fixed!” Kol had you pinned against the wall, his hands were gripped hard onto your shoulders, you were trembling in fear and tears were streaming down your face.

Kol’s face immediately shifted, his eyes and skin returned to normal and he released his grip on you. Your legs were weak and you sank to the floor, Rebekah rushed into the room and to your side. She held you in her arms while she hushed you. Kol back away from you, trying to comprehend what he had just done to the girl he loved.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” His voice croaked and he quickly disappeared out of the room, leaving you with his sister.