“Come on.. One dive won’t harm.” “But it’s cold..” Youjin sighed. “How do you know for sure? It’s still really warm outside so the water will feel refreshing.” You looked at him. “I don’t know..” He smiled right at you. “Pretty please?” He stood up and took your hand without hesitation as he still had his smile on his face. “If it’s really that cold you can always have my shirt after, okay?” He already tugged you along into the water and for your surprise it wasn’t that cold. “It’s not cold at all?!” He giggled. “I know.”

I SWEAR THIS BOY.. HE JUST UPLOADS THIS AND OKAY COOOOOL D: my youjin stans.. how do you survive with him??


160724 Random Play Dance Jihun


inseong || outisde date vibes

  • matching couple shirts in public
  • taking billions of selfies together
  • probably disturbing other people with loud laughing
  • but neither of you care because you’re just having fun
  • lots of pda
  • like hand holding, arm around your waist, neck kisses
  • basically just showing his princess off in public okay