Yandere Simulator Kitten; Grow The Fuck Up

//I think the whole kitten killing reaction thing is bullshit. Pure bullshit.
“I would never kill any animal.”
Would you kill people? No? Well, you still kill them in Yandere Simulator. Did you forget the purpose of the fucking game? Did you forget that Yandere-chan is a monster that would kill anything for senpai? Also, remember that you don’t NEED to kill it. But if you’re gonna be a little whiny pussy, then please stop complaining and get the fuck out.
Isn’t it Yandere Dev’s game?
To be honest, I got all hyped over the kitten idea, because it is a very smart and well thought out thing. But your reactions are incredibly childish and annoying. It’s like buying a gun and then getting all shocked and triggered when finding out you can kill people with it. Grow the hell up.//

Heya! GUYSSSS we are soo close to 10K followers!!!!!!!! Holy moley my (this is Niko) friends and I just got back from watching Batman: The Killing Joke. It was soooooo gooooood. Definitely not a couples thing to watch, but if you like Batman, and/or have read the comic version, it’s awesome. Its only in specific theaters for one more day though. Anyways, how are you all? Question: what is your favorite superhero?