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Today is a very special day, for who doesn’t know, in Korea today is the birthday of Kim Sunggyu, leader of INFINITE.

He’s the person I’m most proud and grateful. I am grateful to have known him, grateful to be able to hear him singing and thankful to see him even through a screen.
He is one of those people who can make you smile simply smiled in turn, is one of those people who with his voice and his music can make you feel calm and is also one of those people that everyone should follow as example because he always expose himself for the next.

I’m really, really proud to follow a person like Kim Sunggyu.
I could say much more, spending hours and days talking about how I esteem, respect and adore him but I wouldn’t find myself writing papyrus.
So I conclude by saying a huge: THANK YOU.

Thank you because you take care of INFINITE, thank you for being the person that you are and thank you because every day with you is something new.
I really hope that in the future we could meet and I would tell you these words in person, until then .. Really happy birthday Kyuzizi!