Possibly one of the best mashup songs ever

Weird vent-rant-type thing

So, today I discovered who TJ Lane is. I found him semi-attractive so I looked more and more into the case. I even found a poem that he had written before the murders, one that I was moved by, not only being a poet myself but also an “angsty” teen. And as I became more and more fascinated and drawn to him, I began to feel as though I was demented. Even so, I decided to look him up on here. Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds this murderer attractive. And in addition to finding this out, I stumbled upon another, Tucker Cipriano, who happens to be even more appealing. But that’s besides the point. As I read messages about girls who seemed to be nearly obsessed with Lane I began to get infuriated. This anger came from the half of me thinking “How the HELL can you like this bastard who murdered 3 of his peers??” And with that, my own attraction for him lessened. However, since I was empathetic towards both sides, I could comprehend why these girls were in lust with TJ Lane. For some reason, seemingly the majority of females are drawn in by assholes, scumbags, and, although this is not exactly comparable, murderers. Maybe it’s because we feel as though we can change the “evil” within the guys. Maybe it’s just reverse psychology. Or maybe deep within us, we want them because we feel that if they want us, truly, we are the weakness for them. They actually love someone and we’re the special prized possession. But even if a guy with the qualities of a douchebag or a serial killer was to claim this love, he may just be scamming you into an abusive relationship, being left severely brokenhearted, or even worse: death.