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i'm new to bts and especially dnh. could you help me a little with introductions? i still cannot put a name to dnh members faces, i can't even tell which one is iron most of the time. thank you!

Ok a Daenamhyup (DNH) introduction post it is!

This is Daenamhyup! Or some of them at least (left to right front: Supreme Boi, Marvel J, Kyum2. left to right back: Iron, Kidoh, i11evn) I’m not sure if there’s a publically available picture of the whole crew as of now. The name means ‘Great Southern Joseon Hiphop Cooperative’ and the crew was founded a few years ago (I want to say 2009 but I can’t find any sources confirming that that’s correct) by Marvel J, Supreme Boi, Kyum2 and Rap Monster.


 - My DNH tag
 - My full Bangtan discography (DNH tracks are at the bottom - i need to update this)
- the FY DNH blog
 - FY i11evn blog
 - FY Kidoh blog
 - FY Iron blog
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i11evn (real name: Choi Ikje)
 - Signed to Factory Boi records
 - Also part of the Grand Pics crew
 - Music videos: 4885Mic Ceremony | One Life | The Hundreds공장소년
 - ‘87 liner
 - facebook | instagram | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
 - Lived in America for a while
 - Speaks Engllish and Japanese
 - Tries to act cool but posts really cute pictures to instagram
 - Has so far retweeted everyone thanking him for signing their copies of Airborne
 - Was a trainee in the running to be a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan
 - My i11evn tag

Iron (real name: Jung Hunchul)
 - Was a trainee in the running to be part of Bangtan Sonyeoondan and one of the two original members along with Rap Monster
 - Currently competeing on MNET’s Show Me The Money
 - Teased as being a member of Polaris entertainment’s upcoming boygroup HIVE
 - ‘92 liner
 - facebook | instagram | twitter
 - sometimes he dresses really well but other times…
 - is known for having a ‘reggae voie/reggae style’

DJ Snatch (real name: Kang Minwoo)
 - The newest member
 - Teased as being a member of Polaris entertainment’s upcoming boygroup HIVE
 - ‘92 liner
 - facebook | instagram | twitter
 - is perfectly happy standing at the back doing his own thing during shows
 - Very tall, awkward, good looking and adorable

Kidoh (real name: Jin Hyosang)
 - Rapper and producer for Topp Dogg
 - If you haven’t checked Topp Dogg out yet I recommend that you do
 - ‘92 liner
 - soundcloud | twitter
- He’s skipped the lasst round of Topp Dogg promotions to work on a solo mixtape
 - Really really pretty
 - Was a trainee in the running to me a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan and is still very good friends with Jin
 - My Kidoh tag

Marvel J (real name: Jung Taegyun)
 - DNH’s leader 
 - ‘94 liner
 - askfm | twitter | facebook
 - bit of a cutie offstage, charismatic badass onstage
 - of the members I’ve seen live I think he’s far and away the most impressive performer

Samsoon (real name: Kim Jeonghan)
 - I think he’s in the army right now
 - ‘94 liner
 - Sorry I really don’t know very much about him :S
 - facebook

Kyum2 (real name: Kim Sungkyum)
 - Has a cool voice
 - Is currently in the army
 - ‘94 liner
 - askfm | facebook | twitter

Supreme Boi (real name: Shin Donghyuk)
 - Is a producer first and a rapper second
 - Usuallly the guy doing the chorus for group DNH tracks
 - Produces for Big Hit Entertainment
 - ‘94 liner
 - facebook | instagram | twitter
- Has really flawless skin
 - Enjoys taking pouty selcas and screaming his way through instavids
 - Speaks a little english
 - Was a trainee in the running to be a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan
 - My Supreme Boi tag

Illipse (real name: Go Wonhyeong)
 - Yes this is the best picture I could find
 - Also part of the Grandpics crew
 - ‘94 liner
 - Loves The Beatles esp Paul
 - instagram | twitter

Rap Monster (real name: Kim Namjoon)
 - Currently the youngest member of DNH as far as I’m aware
 - Leader, rapper and producer for Bangtan Sonyeondan
 - Hasn’t been able to work with DNH since debuting as an idol due to schedule restrictions
 - ‘94 liner
 - My Rap Monster tag

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how would kidoh, xero, hansol, and gohn react if they made you squirt?

Kidoh would be pretty impressed with his self. I imagine a cheeky comment accompanied by an equally cheeky smirk. Wow I made you feel that good?

Xero would be surprised in the beginning, he wouldn’t have expected it. But then he’d just give you this look of approval before probably deciding he needed to clean you up - with his tongue. 

Hansol would tease you about it after everything was calmed down and for several days after. He would probably bring it up months down the line while you were in public just to make you blush. Remember when I made you squirt? I think it’s time I did again. 

Gohn would be essentially the same as Kidoh. He would make some really cocky comment with a satisfied grin and then throw it down real good for you. 

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Gah! So I've been wanting to ask a scene or whatever to call it and today I actually had a scene (if that's what you call it) and so here it is! XD A masquerade party with Kidoh and you and and you both end up falling for each other. Idk if that is good... Kya~~! Btw, I really like this blog!!! My feels go everywhere!!! XD

Well you’ve been waiting a really long time for this and I’m so sorry for that. Enjoy, and thank you!! ^^

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“What do you mean you don’t want to go?” Your best friend stared at you in disbelief. “It’s gonna be the biggest party of the year, you can’t miss this.” She continued her hands moving in time with her words. 

“Yeah, but..I don’t know, masquerade parties just seem really cheesy to me, you know I don’t like parties.” You told her shoving your cold hands into your jacket pockets. “Besides, I have nothing to wear.” You defended, nose scrunching at the thought of having to wear some mini dress you had stored at the back of your closet.

“Oh c’mon, Jin and Hyosang will be there and you just, pleaseeee, we have to go.” She said resorting to begging, eyes wide and innocent; mouth formed in a small pout. Her hands clasped together childishly and you sighed, sometimes you had to question why you were even friends.

“Fine.” You resigned. She jumped happily arms wrapping around your shoulders as she pulled you into a tight hug. 

“Yay, thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

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