[M/V]  Beenzino - January (Feat. YDG) 

OK I looked at it and it says this 

[DISCLAIMER] we won’t be using AOMG and ILLIONAIRE’s official logo just in case they find out about this and decides to sue our asses for using their official logo :-)
We also won’t be using Simon D’s official logo just in case he also find out about this and decides to sue our poor souls :-)

But using their name “AOMG” and “Illionaire” without their permission to sell merch is still illegal. Even if it’s a legal grey area its still just wrong to sell something that they are already selling, using their names to sell it, without even asking their permission or giving them a cut..

I know that ILLIONAIRE is gonna be selling baseball caps but it’s 50,000 won and if they were to ship internationally it’ll cost a bomb. And it’s probably limited edition so it’ll be sold out fast and maybe never restocked again.

If someone can buy your cheaper, unofficial version then some people are gonna choose not to buy the official version because yours is good enough and that definitely has an effect. AOMG was already selling T-shirts as well

I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to tell you guys to please not support this. Either support the artist or buy from another artist that’s cheaper to buy from. perhaps just buy their album digitally or something because that has to be cheaper than whatever hoodie or hat anyone is selling. If you’re gonna spend money for something using the artists name please just buy the real deal.

SMTM 5 in a nutshell
  • Worst hairstyles ever
  • Everybody is nice af
  • Cjamm vs Bewhy
  • illionaire dabbing
  • myundo dabbing
  • Superbee dabbing
  • Chulgoo being mad
  • Cjamm and bewhy dancing
  • Simon D being a fucking savage
  • Simon D is Bae
  • madclown with his 4d personality
  • illionaire bragging
  • Koji being extra
  • Zion T makin alot of money