Importance of Asian American Cinema

Remember that ‘90s movie “Hook” and that awesome lost boy, Rufio? Well, he’s starring in another upcoming film & has created a new film company (with James Sereno and Samira Amiransari), Kinetic Films, “dedicated to making films for the Asian American audience with our faces being the leads and stars of the films.”

The first film under his production company is “Hang Loose” where he will star alongside Kevin Wu (Kevjumba), and Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie in the “Twilight” series).

read Basco’s blog entry on Kinetic Films here; below is what Basco wrote in another blog entry that promotes his new film:

Asian Americans remain as the most under represented community in mainstream American media and due to that we find ourselves without a voice… or at least without a big enough voice, more like a novelty in the mainstream, token roles in movies and television, an extra flavor to add to the group when companies are trying to appear politically correct. But times are changing… we’re on the rise, with companies like ours, the success of Kevjumba, Ryan Higa and others on You Tube and smash hits from Far East Movement, we are at the dawning of the New Asian American Movement!

Part of the problem when it comes to project being created for the “Asian American” audience, as of right now, it doesn’t really exist. Not saying we don’t exist, because we all know we’re here… Literally millions of us, Americans, most born and raised here, who happen to be from Asian and Pacific Island decent, but when it comes to the numbers, we haven’t been counted. As being the so called “model minority” here in America, it is said broadly, we live in the neighborhoods we want, drive the cars we want, our kids go to the schools of their choice and what ever is being sold to “mainstream” America or “Caucasians” is bought and consumed by us.

Could the launch of Kinetic Films be the turning point for API blockbuster entertainment? Check out the “Hang Loose” trailer and/or even buy the film online for just $5! (really doesn’t look half bad)