Things you shouldn’t forget about Kevin:

  • He absolutely loathes pasta salad and claims the sight of it causes him to heave.
  • He seems unaware that his solid black eyes are strange and also claims that he and Cecil resemble each other especially in the eyes.
  • He has never intentionally tried to harm Cecil and is actually against people killing their doubles.
  • He considers Carlos to be his friend.
  • His future self regrets all he did and said under Strex.
  • Strex is the reason his views are as we’ve seen, because we know he wasn’t always like this.
  • He had/has a Strexpet that he mistreated on purpose.
  • He can be very passive-aggressive and sarcastic and it’s hard to tell whether he’s aware of it or it’s unintentional.
  • He has a sunny outlook but is prone to bursts that may evidence trauma.
  • He was left in some way permanently physically harmed after resisting StrexCorp.
  • He’s well aware that the ‘decoration’ he uses is real blood, animal and human parts. Despite this he seems quite non confrontational even in the face of actual danger.
  • He may have a fetish for blood.
  • He doesn’t consider Carlos particularly attractive.
  • It’s hard to say whether some of his opinions are genuine or not due to his Strex brainwashing, so it’s best to take a lot of what he says about hard work and smiling with a spoonful of salt. 
  • He had/has a grandma who used to crochet(?) onto pillows and she let him buy one.
  • He has no canon last name. Free is the last name of his VA and if Cecil shares his VA’s first name and not the last, then Kevin probably has a different last name too.

Lauren Mallard.


just imagine laying under the stars in someones arms, someone you care about. wine glasses knocked over with drops of wine staining the dirt, the air is crisp and all you can hear are the trees dancing, the bugs singing, and the crackling noise of a fire that’s dying out. cheeks sore from smiling, legs weak from adventuring. you feel sleepy and cozy, but your soul feels wide awake.