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So I've been thinking a lot recently about how Pidge has a laptop and it got me thinking of Lance going through his stuff and finding his phone and listening to voicemails from his family and starting to cry 'cause he hasn't heard their voices in so long and the team finds out and Pidge modifying his phone so he can call his family and idk I just want Lance to be happy and I want his family to know he's not dead ya know?

I am in love with this and the langst (sorry if it took a while!). I hope you like it!!
The team always teased Lance for always having his phone on him. He always made sure it was fully charged, fully fictional, and in his pocket wherever he went. Pidge would pick on him and say, “You know it doesn’t even work here Lance. I don’t think there’s any signal in space. Looking at pictures of cute girl?” Lance would always brush it aside and just weakly chuckle. “Something like that Pidgeon.” What the team didn’t know was that Lance was able to look at all the pictures, all the texts, and more importantly, all the voice mails. His mama always preferred calling, only texting when she had to. This led to multiple voicemails on Lance phone. Lance would stay up at night, when the homesickness was just too much, and listen to the voicemails on repeat. “Hola, mijo! I know you’re probably in class right now, but-Teo! Let go of your sister’s hair!-anyways, I hope you having fun at the Garrison! Your making you mama and papa proud, Lance! Kids, come say goodbye to your hermano!!” Multiple little footsteps could be heard. “BYE LANCE!!” Click. Tears fell against the screen of the phone. Lance was too tired and hurt to try to stop them, letting his grief wash over him. Lance began crying harder, throat catching on his ragged breaths as he clutched the phone to his chest. Blood roared in Lance’s hear, so loud that he didn’t hear the knock on his door. “Hey, Lance. Shiro wanted me to-oh quiznak, Lance?!” Keith rushed forward, gently grabbing Lance’s face and lifting it towards him. “Lance, what’s wrong?! Are you okay?!” Lance shook his head, trying to pull away. Keith held him there. “Lance, just tell me what’s wrong!” Keith brushed away the heavy flow of tears with his thumbs. Lance weakly gestured to his phone. “You’re phone that’s what you’re-” Keith was cutoff as the voicemail played over again. Keith listened until it had ended. Keith looked up at Lance, who began to cry even harder, letting the sobs rock his entire body. “Oh Lance…” Keith pulled Lance into a hug, holding him tight. “You’ll get to see them again, I promise. Even if the last thing I do.” Lance just held on to him tighter, not trusting his voice to speak.
Lance was in a panic. “Where is it, where IS IT!?!” Lance’s room was a mess, but it was nowhere to be found. He rushed out of room and ran to the dining room where all the other Paladins were. The team heard Lance come in and was about to greet him, but stop when they say his current state. His hair way disheveled, bags under his eyes, and he was still in his pajamas, which were heavily wrinkled. Shiro looked at him with concern. “Lance, are you alri-” “Where is it?!” Lance shouted, causing them to jump. “I can’t find it! It’s not anywhere in my room!!” Lance ran his fingers through his hair, making it more disheveled. “I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find my….phone.” Lance watched with wide eyes as Pidge pulled Lance’s phone out of her pocket. “Keith told me about your phone. I’ve made a few modifications, and with Hunk and Coran’s help, we’ve got it working. Although, you can only make a call that lasts about two minutes.” Lance turned his gaze to Keith, who was starting to blush. “Don’t say anything, Lance. You would’ve done the same if it were any us.” Lance smiled gently at him. He turned his gaze back to the phone, and slowly reached for it. With shaking fingers, he dialed a familiar number. He put the phone against his ear, hearing it ring four times. “Hola?” Tears sprung in his eyes and he let out a shaky breath. “Mama.”

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So, interesting thing: I've seen you and other posters talk about how Shiro has to close his eyes and compose himself for a minute before he sends Keith into the Galra base. But I was rewatching BoM today, and I noticed that Keith does exactly the same thing before he says "Shiro, you're like a brother to me, but I have to do this." And in both cases they're trying to steel themselves to do something they don't want to, and not let their feelings for each other interfere with the larger goal.

Oh yes yes, you’re definitely right, that’s a good point!! I noticed it too on one of my rewatches. 

Personally I think the reason why people point out Shiro’s instance more is because the pause seems like longer and more deliberate somehow?? It’s also easier to illustrate if you just like compare Netflix’s subtitles between the two. For Shiro, you can see the spacing of his words right there on the screen. But ya, Keith does it too! And I think if you look at the way Keith delivers this line, he definitely looks torn apart about everything; I think it’s possible what he said was in a way kind of shoving down personal desires–as lines like “desperate” would suggest–in order to try and say whatever he thought would make Shiro stay. 

Actually, this reminds me. @kcgane has a really neat meta about Keith closing his eyes to concentrate, because it’s something he seems to do a lot to center himself and focus. And as kcgane pointed out, it’s especially apparent when he’s internalizing the whole Patience yields focus thing. So maybe this was another habit he picked up from Shiro, a kind of grounding tactic to help stay calm?

if they go the mind control route with shiro and don’t have a scene where keith is fighting a masked intruder with glowing yellow eyes and knocks his mask askew to reveal a familiar shock of white hair and a scar across the bridge of his nose, and keith just freezes and breathes “shiro?” while his eyes do the shimmery emotional thing and shiro is just like “who the hell is shiro” a la that scene in catws then like 

what is even the point 

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Out of all of them, apart from Allura, Shiro probably deserve to be angry at Keith for being (half) Galra. Imagine all those tortures or made for entertainment he and the other prisoners were. They are the reason his life was ruined (cos I am pretty sure he would have many success when he returns). But no, he didn't blame Keith at all for being one like Allura did. He supported him, gave him a hug while we also see Hunk actually being negative of him during their mission. Just. Bless Shiro fam!!

Yes, yes!!! Out of everyone, Shiro was Keith’s anchor through it all. He’s the one who checks in with Keith and notices that something’s wrong; he’s the one who sees him through the trial and offers nothing but unconditional support after the reveal. Shiro was there for Keith in a way no one else ever was, and I wish that fanon didn’t just gloss over that so much. 

Shiro’s easy acceptance is definitely do to their close bond–“My life would be a lot different without you,” Shiro being the one thing who “can really calm Keith down,” Shiro being the one Keith “desperately wants to see,” ect. But I also think Shiro’s able to empathize with him more because he understands a bit of what he’s going through. Keith’s galra arc parallels Shiro’s own character development in a lot of ways; both of them struggle with this notion that they’re irredeemable, that they belong to the galra empire. When Shiro looks at himself, sees what the galra have done to him, he sees a monster

But when Shiro sees Keith is galra? His gaze softens. His eyes go wide in wonder, like he’s really seeing Keith for the first time. And his expression doesn’t evoke a sense of fear or rage here; Shiro stares on in awe, completely mesmerized. His body language and the lighting of the scene both feel open and calming–serene, ethereal. There’s something about the luxite’s glow that’s reminiscent of Allura’s healing magic. It’s a power that’s portrayed here as good, just, and benevolent. For Shiro, I think in a way this is healing–he’s allowing himself to let go of his hatred for the galra (a process we already see begin with Ulaz) and this notion that being “part of the empire” makes him broken and corrupt. He’s also coming to terms with Keith’s identity, an identity that Shiro accepts wholeheartedly. 

Shiro hates himself for his ties to the galra, but he’s able to love and support Keith despite that. And if he can still see the good in Keith, then he knows there’s still hope for him. I think that, by accepting Keith, he was kind of able to come to terms with some of his own trauma, and be more forgiving of himself as well. And it certainly helps that Shiro realizes Keith still cares for him too–still treasures him as his closest person after all this time, the one friend he desperately wants to see. I think it really meant a lot to Shiro that someone adored him so much, that they still loved him despite the year apart and all that’s changed. Because their mutual love and support definitely goes both ways. 

And I was just talking about this before, but one of the most prominent themes in fanon was always “X character is the first to find out Keith is freaking out over being galra, so they help him through it and offer wholehearted comfort and support. They fall in love, ect.” Always, this role was a position delegated to Keith’s chosen love interest. So I find it very interesting that Shiro, the one who actually fulfills this role in canon, hardly ever seems to get credit for it. 

And in those aus, I often saw Shiro relegated to the role of the Betrayed Friend. The one who couldn’t bear to look Keith in the eye anymore, who took his reveal the hardest and refused to even talk to him. Which always sounded incredibly out of character to me, and I’m so glad canon proved that it was. And I will never understand the fact that fanon often limits or overwrites Shiro’s role in Keith’s galra arc simply because they’d rather substitute him with their fav. This idea of Keith having an anchor during his galra reveal was just so romanticized in fandom; I feel like the fact that that person ended up being Shiro should at least count for something. I mean, when Keith left for his mission no one else would even say goodbye, but Shiro is right by his side 


Lance slowly opened his tired and heavy eyes, and looked around his room.
It was odd. He groggily glanced outside the window as they passed an asteroid field, and he rubbed his eyes, blinking rapidly.
He winced as he placed his feet on the floor, stretching.
Murmurs came from outside his door, and they faded a few ticks later.
As quiet as possible, Lance tiptoed outside, closing his door slowly and letting out a breath of relief.
He wanted to go see Blue.
He broke into a run to get to his lions hangar, a pang of homesickness in his heart that kept him going.
It wasn’t like he had nobody to talk to. His friends were understanding and caring, and he understood why they would brush him off in important situations.
He just trusted Blue. A lot.
As he stepped into the hangar, a low purr rumbled from Blue.

“Welcome, my Paladin.”

“Hey Blue. Sorry I’m here at like, 2 am. I’m just kinda sad. Mind if I sit here with you and the other lions?”

A rough purr emitted from Red, and Green flicked her tail happily.
“Thanks, Girl.”


“Where’s Lance?”
Hunk was starting to get worried about his friend, and even though they wouldn’t admit it, he knew the rest of the paladins were worried as well.
Keith was hesitant, but stood up anyways.
“I’ll go look for him. Was he in his room?”
Pidge adjusted their glasses.
“They weren’t in any of the rooms, I checked just a few minutes ago.”
Allura tapped her foot impatiently. Despite the flirting, Lance was like a brother to her.
A very, very, annoying brother.
“Well what are you waiting for?”
Her words were venom, and Shiro shivered.
Despite this, Keith shrugged and went off to look for his friend.


“He’s not even with Coran. I’m worried, you guys.”
Hunk muttered, coughing into his sleeve.
“Have you checked the Lions?”
That caught Shiros attention.
Keith sighed.
“Why would he be there? If he was homesick, why would he go to the lions?”
Shiro stared at him.
“… To talk to blue.”


“I’m not convinced. But I’ll go check there and I’ll tell you guys if he’s there. Keep looking.”
Allura bit her lip, and constantly stole glances at the floor.


~Time skip brought to you by Corans mustache~


Keith walked into the hangar, surprised.
Shiro was right.
Lance had his back to Blues paw, snoring peacefully.
But what surprised him was that the other lions were gathered around him, as if he fell asleep telling a story.
“… Lance? Lance, are you alright?”
He took a step forward, and Black growled.
Blues eyes were accusing, and Red even stared at him with an unknown expression.
Cuz y know. They’re mechanical lions.
Another step.
Lance awoke, his eyes alarmed, and stared right at Keith.
He cowered in surprise.
“Keith! I-uh-um, it’s fine! I’ll be to breakfast in a bit!”
He quickly stammered.
“It’s fine, just- just stay away from me.”
It’s not like Lance hated Keith, he just felt weird around him, since he was so serious all the time.
Yellow flicked her tail angrily, getting into a pouncing stance.
“Just let me help you-”
A loud roar shook the area, and as if as quick as lightning, there were tears flooding down Lance’s face and Red was in between Lance and Keith.
The rest of the team were there in merely a few ticks, and saying they were shocked was an understatement.
Allura was ecstatic, seeing another Lion defending a different Paladin.
It quickly turned into a frown when she saw Lance was crying.
Coran was screaming.
Hunk took a step back, hugging himself from the surprise.
Pidge stood in the front, amazed at the possibilities.
Shiro just stared at Lance.

“Stay away from the Blue Paladin.” Red roared again, standing taller.

Lance pat Reds paw, and she hesitated, sitting next to Blue with her eyes fixed on the team.

“Sorry guys. I just- when I feel homesick I just go to the lions and just- talk, I guess.”

Hunk pulled him into a hug, and soon the whole team were all hugging one another, sobbing.

“Why were you crying?”

Lance tensed when Keith asked, head tilted and curious.

“I-it-it just reminded me of when my brother would stand up for me. When.. He was alive, of course.”

“You’re not alone, Lance.”


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