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Favorite kdramas: Good Doctor

timirilisinvisible asked:

You said you wanted questions so here is one: What is your favourite episode of your favourite drama and why?

Oh wow, what a good question. 

One episode I vividly remember is from Smile, You, when the leads try to kiss like 500 times and keep getting interrupted in ridiculous ways. Love it. It’s episode 18 by the way. Episode 22 also has a hilarious spa scene. 

Another one that pops into my head from a more recent drama (and you can tell which actor I like from this) is Falling for Innocence’s episode 14. I guess I have a thing for awkward romance. There are some golden scenes in that one.

Healer’s 15th episode is super cute, too, because of Jung Hoo’s clingyness.

There are definitely more, but those are the ones I go back and re-watch relatively frequently. Thanks for asking! (I’ll add more if I think of them.)

Bonus: Most episodes of Fool’s Love/Hogu’s Love are totally re-watchable, but apparently DramaFever took it off? :(