“SA: In Descendants of the Sun, episode 6, Lee Chi Hoon’s (Onew) scene on the power plant wreckage made me sob loudly. I didn’t know he was a singer, so it impressed me when I found out. Sometimes even experienced actors don’t make me cry but the scene was so powerful and well written and directed that I couldn’t stop. War and catastrophes are horrible. As soon as I can I will help Doctors Without Borders.”

“I am watching ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’ right now. Watching KDrama for 8years, I’ve fell in love with many many characters before but Lee Sangyun’s character here is by far the best definition of my dream husband. He is just so warm and if he truly exist, I’ll save a country in my next life so I could marry someone like him in this lifetime.”

This episode brought me more questions than answers. IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO OBSERVED THAT THE HAIRPIN IS MISSING, right? Please tell me I’m not.

But I’m slowly starting to get hooked to this drama, probably because more mysteries are building up and it seems as if more events are going to unfold. This is a good sign, I guess.옥중화-episode-3