[Trans] Junsu’s cyworld 2003

131223 #TVXQDAY

[Trans] Junsu’s cyworld 2003 the moment when he
knew he was going to be part of TVXQ:
I need to love all of them.. Jaejoongie-hyung,
Yunho-hyung, Yoochunie, Changminnie.
embrace and face all of this.. My future with TVXQ,
we’re going to become legends
I need to hold all of those things close… My career,
these friends of mine, this opportunity to sing. my
I have to do all this, isn’t it?.. even if it’s without
[다 사랑해야지.. 재중이형, 윤호형, 유천이, 창민이
모든걸 감싸 안아야지.. 앞으로 나랑 동방신기 전설이 될거
야그 전부를 내가 품어야지.. 동방 가족이, 노래를 부를 수
있는 기회, 내 꿈
그래야지..^^ 혁재 없이도, 난 그래야지..]
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Junsu: The Morning After (sequel to When You're Forced to Break Up with Him) (requested by dollnywe)
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Junsu smiles before he opens his eyes, expecting a picture perfect scene before he completely woke up. His first time camping on the beach with you, and now he would wake up to see your beautiful face. But something felt off, wrong. Very wrong. He opens his eyes, expecting to see you, but you’re not there. “Jagi!” he calls out, but nothing responds but the rush of the waves outside of the tent. He sits up, hands propping him up, and something crinkles under his palm. There’s a note. His heart begins to pound in his chest as he reads it.

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DBSK: When He Doesn't Want You to Go to Work (requested by anon)
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They’re just babies here. Look at them. Look how cute~


Beep. Beep. Beep.


Before you could even think about moving, Yunho’s arm slips around your waist, easily restraining you. 

“Oppa, I have work.”

“No, you don’t. You quit for just today.”

“I have to go to work.”

“No.” His grip tightened even more.

With some difficulty, you roll over to face him and watch as he pretendsto be asleep. He even has his mouth wide open for effect. “Oppa!” you call, poking him on the cheek, but he doesn’t even flinch. As much as you’d love to stay home, you have to be at work or you won’t have a job after today. 

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