HOTSHOT has finally had a comeback (they debuted in 2014) and it is lit. I love the sound of the song; it’s a bop and he choreography is fire. For any new HOTSHOT fans (welcome) here’s a little guide to the members.

Choi Junhyuk, 25 : 0:33-0:49,  Leader, Main Vocalist

Kim Moonkyu (Timoteo), 24 : 1:30-1:38, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group

Noh Taehyun (Kid Monster/KiMon), 23 : 0:18-0:30,  Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper 

Ha Sungwoon, 22 : Not featured due to WannaOne,  Main Vocalist

Yoon San (Yoonsan/San), 22 :  1:44-2:00, Main Rapper, Vocalist

Go Hojeong, 22 : 0:49-1:00,  Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer,  Maknae, Visual