These guys are MAD, like the name. This right here is a dope hip hop group, their dancing and acrobatics skills are of the hook. Really great physical bodies hehe ;3 . Love their fashion trend, its really cool. MADTOWN still a “new group” even though they debuted in 2014. They still have a long way to go. Wish they had more material such as video music. These guys are super talented. They have really nice vocals and dope rappers. Really really wish them the best. They look like a real family of brothers always doing pranks to each others. 😎 They are the best. They were with J. Tune Camp Ent. Now they are GNI Entertainment.
Fave song: Emptiness(빈칸). Fave Video: YOLO Members: Moos (leader, main rapper, vocal) Daewon (vocal) 💙 Lee Geon (main vocal) 💙Jota (rapper, vocal, visual) 💜Heon Jun (vocal) Buffy (lead rapper) 💛H.O (lead vocal)

더 사랑하는 쪽이 아프다 (ft. 에일리)
프로씨(Pro C)
더 사랑하는 쪽이 아프다 (ft. 에일리)

(2014) Pro C (프로씨) ft. Aliee (에일리)
- 더 사랑하는 쪽이 아프다
(The Side That Loves More Hurts)

Love isn’t happiness but obsession
Breaking up isn’t the end but the beginning
After realizing this, I lay on my bed of memories
In my blanket of pain…

"Disbanding" Situation

I’ve been an A+ practically since I Iistened to their song “If You Come Into My Heart” and then I heard they were coming out with their album “BLAQ Style”.. When I heard about the disbanding rumor going around I was pretty shocked and hearing about Mir and G.O crying was just heart breaking. And the reasons why it has been going around do sort of add up to the disbanding and I honestly hope they don’t. Either way if MBLAQ disbands, I will support no matter what and wish them the happiness they absolutely deserve. Solo or unactive. 

But when I saw the fancam of G.O in their performance of “Key”.. I couldn’t help but cry alongside him and feel very heartbroken. Because he among the others have gotten me through my depression and my suicidal thoughts. They got me through my hard times, especially when my dad was admitted to the hospital a while back. They’ve made me laugh and smile. Their music in general comforts me so much and singing along is rejuvenating. Sure I don’t know them that well but they’ve made a huge difference in my life that I will never forget.

Stay strong Byunghee! Mir! MBLAQ!

Whatever is happening, I along with many will support you!