Come wind, come breeze
start stifled mind to moving
freshen breathing and
chase tumbleweeds and choking dust away

Come you clouds, come weight of water
heaving downpour
sobbing life out from your writhing masses
white and grey to color sky a shade of safe creative
quicken sod and give it growing
trade this dry for garden thriving

Come train, come and take me from this tired basin
West to where the sunset beckons
West along this restless river
down to mountains, down to home
Come take me from the cracked and stagnant
heat of desert, heat of day
bring evening cool 
and stars like freckles
peppered on a stranger’s face,
she breathes adventure into being
breathes perfume of each new night.

Come, take me West along the track
           to where there’s dancing to the music.
Sunrise come, with morning glow, emblazon day on blades of grass
           and greener sights, and greener still
Come, leave the dying in the past.

being in the phandom becomes a lot more enjoyable when you stop overanalysing every single aspect of dan and phil’s relationship ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ


The Air Jordan 12 “French Blue” Returning In 2016

Air Jordan 12 Retro “French Blue”
Release Date: March 26, 2016

Although the French Blue 12s aren’t an original color-way, they were an instant hit back when they first dropped in 2004, and we will finally see them again next year in March. Keep in mind that the “Cherry” 12s AKA “Varsity Red” 12s might also be dropping next year although no specific date has been announced for them to drop. Stay tuned for more on these releases.

Source: baltsneakershow