The plot of High School Musical (from each persons point of view)
  • Troy: I am sport.
  • Troy: I am sing?
  • Troy: No, I am sport.
  • Troy: Am I sport?
  • Troy: Why not both?
  • Gabriela: Book.
  • Gabriela: Sing?
  • Ryan: Jazz squares
  • Ryan: Over shadowed by Sharpay
  • Ryan: Hat
  • Ryan: Over shadowed by Sharpay
  • Sharpay: I've been in 17 school performances
  • Sharpay: This is not what I want
  • Sharpay: Over shadows everyone
  • Kelsi: Plz don't bedazzle me
  • Kelsi: You can come over for breakfast and we can rehearse
  • Chad: Ball is love
  • Chad: Ball is life
  • Taylor: Everyone else is below me
  • Taylor:
  • Zeke: Ball
  • Zeke: But bake?
  • Zeke: Sharpay <3 ?
  • Darbus: MusiCALs!!

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Can you pleaseeee explain what happened with Connor and Ty??? I tried to search trough your blog and tumblr but I can't find anything! Pleaseee it makes me so sad that they are not friends anymore...

Okay so here is everything that has lead us to conclude that Tyler and Connor are fighting. It is still speculation and we don’t know anything for sure bc neither Connor nor Tyler have directly addressed the topic. It is all just talk and rumors until they personally say something. 

But here’s what we “know”

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HyunSeung- one and only ♥ Happy New Year 2015 ^_^

1/ On stage at MBC Gayo 2014

While all members were bowing, only Jang Seung was still waving at B2uties :D

2/ In BEAST’s Happy New Year Video

Members were all bowing again and only that B2UTY Babo was still clapping LOL :D

When the members finished greeting, he then started bowing all alone hahaha why you always miss the right timing oppa ah :D :D :D

p/s: Seungie’s 4D moment to start your new year keke Happy New Year 2015 to all B2uties in the world ♥ let’s wish for another “GoodLuck” year with our BEAST boys.. fighting! ♥

(The 1st photo credit to @risapon810 as tagged, the other 2 via JSbirthday)

Black men

Black men kill me. Don’t get me wrong they are my preference but I don’t understand them sometimes. These days a black man will choose a woman of any other race Over a black woman probably because We are tied to all of these ridiculous Stereotypes. I guess what I don’t understand is why they are the first to have an attitude when we (black women) step outside our race to date. What are we chop liver? We’re just suppose to wait for y'all to say we’re “trending” again . Get real my niggs, i can only speak for me when I say I don’t discriminate so if a nice guy comes around of another race you better believe I’m not gonna pass up the opportunity to be happy.