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NU'EST Proceeds With More V Time, Featuring Leader JR Today

Screenshot of JR at the V-live.

NU'EST member JR took the corner earlier this evening with for the individual V Time, taking the chance to answer fan questions and briefly talk about CANVAS, all the while keeping as tight-lipped about it, as he wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Moving on with the V Time, JR started with some jacket shoots episodes, and that he’s very satisfied with this that this time round; the members went to practice their poses and gaze from flipping magazines, and while some poses are difficult or uncomfortable, they came out (even more) prettily. He also added that during the group shot at the end, they sprayed a lot of colored smoke (smoke flares/smoke bombs), and it almost got difficult to breathe, but they kept their eye-acting up with a straight gaze.

In terms of visual, JR thinks that Ren fits the CANVAS concept the best, as he could fit a hairstyle that other members can’t. The leader also took the chance to ask the fans what their think of his member’s pink hair (who was later mentioned that Ren himself wanted to try it). Revealing that it’s a wig (all the while looking at the staff for approval least he revealed something he shouldn’t have yet), he commented that he wouldn’t suit similar styles and could put fans in a bad mood if he tried.

When asked about the differences between OVERCOME and CANVAS, JR mentioned that the biggest would be the visual aspect, and the staff prepared a lot for that, and that the vibe is different as well. For the conceptualization, Ren and the staff decided the visual aspects together for CANVAS, and mentioned that he’d leave the fashion-related questions to the said member when his V Time corner arrives.

In all leader fashion, JR also reminded fans, especially those still schooling, to work hard in school and take note of the weather and not to fall sick, before thanking them for all their love and support. Seeing the fans’ comments on his good looks, he shyly thanked them with a smile. 

He also share that his favourite concept was FACE as he thought it was a concept that best fit them at the time of debut, and wandered aloud that he felt the same about CANVAS now; he’s satisfied with the album himself, and asked L.O.V.Es to decide if they liked the concept as well. Not mentioning much about the song, he asked fans to look out for his rap, as he is very curious of what the fans think of it.

On the difficulties faced, JR states that writing lyrics is largely dependent on the inspiration, as he could write a lot on good days and only few lines on some days, and he provide the best lyrics he could offer.

The 20-minute V-app came to an end, and another member will take the stage tomorrow. How are you liking them, and who do you want to see tomorrow?

Source: NU’EST V-App

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the first and only love letter I’ve ever written and never sent:
“A love letter
I can’t do this.
But your eyes are as bright as all the stars and you smile like a poem which doesn’t want to leave my mind.
You make me feel like on a sunny sunday and I like that very much.”