1997…Young Kobe, Garnett, Iverson, Marbury, Ray Allen, Stackhouse, and others talk about their 1st meeting with the GOAT.

Dear Charlie,

I don’t remember falling in love with him. All I remember is looking in to his ocean blue eyes and tasting his freckled skin in the middle of the night. Holding hands while we walk the town. I remember calming him down when life got to much or when he has night mares and I hold on for dear life saying that nothing will ever hurt him as long as I’m there. But Charlie.. I am. I am so in love with him.. 



@elizaohman:  @jordan_fisher taking some BVD lessons and @bettcm passing all the judgment 😂😂 #hamilton #fromthebottom


I would never ever turn down a man like him. 😉Lick him, he wants your thorough attention. You’ll be surprised he is a gentle beast 😬😱😍

Meet Jordanian Muscle Tease Ali.

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