i am so sorry this is going to be a long ass post without a read more because yay moblie blogging and yay so many things happened i need to write them down or else i’ll forget

this is all that happened to me at minecon 2015 aka the best thing ever <3333

i got there on saturday after a 2 hour plane ride, a 1 hour train ride, and a 30 minutes subway ride and the first person i saw while checking in was Graser, so i started freaking out and i was trying to complete my registration while talking to him and it was really hard. As soon as that was over i spotted Hbomb and i told him that i was shaking because i had just met Graser and he looked disgusted <3 Then i also met Bee, Grape and Straub and they are all so tall and I’m really short and that was funny. Then i walked a little bit, and while i was having lunch i saw Sevadus, Chad and Guude having an interview on a stage right next to me, and when they left I got them to sign my badge. At that point I was already really happy, and it kept getting better. I saw a panel with Stacy, Lizzie, Aurey and Cupquake but I couldn’t meet them after, and then I saw one with Jordan, Sevadus, Chad and others and it was moderated by Aurey and they are my four favorite people ever so I squealed during the whole panel. And i think that’s it for saturday!

Sunday was somewhat even better! I was working as an agent the whole time so I didnt have any free time and I wasnt expecting to meet many people, but boy was I wrong. While i was working at the check in area I got to talk to Guude who was grabbing a goodie bag, and then i saw Jonny Lopes aka Defek from Mineplex walking around a few times. I also saw Stacy walking in, so i went to say hi since last year I didnt get to meet her at minecon. Oh I also stared creepily at Declan’s back while he was grabbing coffee and I tweeted him. I had a lot of fun working at the check in area and I made friends with other agents yaaaay!
Then I got sent to the minepark games area where my knees and back were killed and my hopes of actually meeting Jordan died. After the closing ceremony, though, us agents got a special thank you from the mojangsters and all the mindcrackers plus a few friends were there as well so I had the chance to speak with Dec and get a photo with Aurey before they moved us to another location where finally I was able to complete my mission. I got Jordan to sign my personal potato shirt that youtubedingus gave me and he looked so done as soon as he saw it he couldnt stop smiling. I got photos with Chad and Sev, i talked to so many people, pretty much all of the mindcrackers who were there and i got some free pins and stuff yay!!! When we finished, we went to have dinner at a pub nearby and while I was waiting in line I saw Straub so I got him to sign my notebook, then Graser and Will arrived too and I got their autographs as well; Graser asked me if I had attended the meetup and i said no because i was working so he joked saying that he wasnt gonna sign anything for me, and then he decided to “give his all” to draw me an awesome autograph which turned out great and it involves planes and what i think is lightning. I also had the chance to talk to will about his chronic illness which i also have, and i told him how inspiring he is and how nice it is to hear from someone whi shares the same problem as you and everyone was really sweet the whole time <33