I know why you’re nervous. That’s why I know why you were always preparing for when I’m gone. But even when that time comes, I’m not worried. Even after 10 years had passed, I still recognized you. Even after I lost my memory and even after I had erased you, I loved you again. Even if another 10 years pass, if I lose my memory again, or even when that time comes. I’m going to find you and love you again.

For captaincheesecakedae

Bubble Bath

“What the shit is this?!” You said

“What’s wrong?” Jongsuk asked

“Nothing it’s just this assignment is really stress me out” you said

“Well why don’t you take a break?” Jongsuk said as he kissed your cheek.

“I’d love to but I don’t have the time, this assignment is due in a week and I’ve hardly started” you said

“Yeah but can’t you take just a 5 minute break?” Jongsuk asked

“I wish I could Sukkie, maybe later” you said as you gently kissed his lips.

Jongsuk kissed you back before he got up and left the study. You continued to work and didn’t think anything of Jongsuk’s behavior. After about an hour or so Jongsuk came back to the study room with a huge grin on his face.

Jongsuk just looked at you and smiled before he picked you up bridal style and carried you out of the room. You tried to get him to put you down but he was too strong for you. Jongsuk pushed the bathroom door open and you were surprised at what you saw.

The bathroom was lit up with candles, rose petals were scattered all over the bathroom as soothing yet romantic music played in the background and the bathtub was filled with hot water and bubbles.

“What is all this?” You asked

“I know you’re busy but I think you should take a break, relax a little” Jongsuk said as you put you down.

You just smiled as you wrapped your arms his neck and pulled him into a hug. Jongsuk wrapped his arms around your waist as he hugged you back. You pulled away from the hug and gently kissed his lips. You felt Jongsuk smiled into the kiss as he kissed you back.

You both pulled away from the kiss as Jongsuk smiled at you and pecked your lips. He was about to leave the bathroom allowing you to enjoy the nice relaxing bubble bath but you stopped him.

“Where are you going?” You asked

“I’m just going to watch some tv so you can relax” Jongsuk said

“Aren’t you coming in with me?” You asked

“Only if you want me to” Jongsuk said as he closed the bathroom door behind him.

You smiled as you started to strip and Jongsuk just watched you. He down on his lower lip when you standing in only your underwear.

“Don’t just stare at me! Take your clothes off” you said earning a huge grin from Jongsuk.

You took your remaining clothes as you climbed into the bathtub and let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly you felt the water shift as Jongsuk climbed into the tub as well. You sat with your back faced towards him as you held your knees up against your chest.

Your hair was tied up in a ponytail as Jongsuk reached out and opened your hair out. You smiled to yourself as Jongsuk wet your hair and washed it. Once he was done Jongsuk moved your hair to the side revealing your bare back.

Jongsuk wrapped his arms around your waist as he pulled you closer to him. Your back hit his bare chest as he rested his chin on your shoulder.

“This is nice” you said

“Yeah we should do this more often” Jongsuk said

Jongsuk kissed your shoulder as his hands caressed your stomach. His kisses trailed up your neck as you closed your eyes and tilted your head. Jongsuk bit down on your ear lobe and you let out a slight hiss.

You felt his hard member against your back and unconsciously let out a moan.

“You’re a real turn on, you know that?!” Jongsuk whispered

You turned your head around to looks at Jongsuk as he crashed his lips into yours. His wet hands cupped your face as Jongsuk tilted his head to deepen the kiss. He parted your lips with his tongue as you placed your hands on his chest.

You both moaned into the kiss as Jongsuk’s tongue explored your wet cavern. Jongsuk pulled away from the kiss allowing you to catch your breath. His lips attacked your neck sucking and biting on as much skin as he could.

Jongsuk turned your body around making you lean against the back of the tub. Jongsuk reattached his lips to yours as you cupped his face with your wet and soapy hands. Your cheeks were flushed and your breathing was uneven.

Jongsuk’s hands roamed every inch of your body, you moaned at his touch as his fingers reached your wet entrance. Jongsuk lazily kissed you and he pushed a finger into you making you arch your back. Soon his second finger was in you and then his third and you don’t know how more you could take.

You bit down on Jongsuk’s neck and he took the hint as he pulled his fingers out from you. Jongsuk positioned himself around your entrance as he slowly pushed himself into you. You clawed his back as Jongsuk lazily kissed your neck.

“Sukkie~ move” you whispered

Your voice turned Jongsuk on even more as he thrusted into you. He had turned you into a breathless moaning mess. You both felt yourselves reaching your climax as Jongsuk released into you.

Jongsuk rested his head on your shoulder as both tried to catch your breaths. Jongsuk picked his head up as you both lazily smiled at one an other. Jongsuk rested his forehead against yours as he rubbed his nose against yours making your giggle. He gently pecked your lips before he sat up and started to drain the water.

You both cleaned and dried yourselves up, you put on your underwear as Jongsuk gave you one of his shirts to wear. You smiled at him before slipping it on and climbing into bed with Jongsuk.

“How you feeling?” Jongsuk asked as he played with your hair.

“Relaxed and happy” you said as you caressed his cheeks with your fingers “thank you Sukkie”

“You’re welcome, glad I could be of service” Jongsuk said as he kissed your nose.

You smiled at him as you wrapped your arm around his waist and snuggled up closer to him. Jongsuk continued to play with your hair as he pressed his lips against your head.

“I love you so much!” Jongsuk said in a soft and calm voice

“I love you too” you said in a sleepy tone making Jongsuk smile

“Well I love you more” Jongsuk said as you pulled you closer to him.

Soon you were both fast asleep as Jongsuk held you securely in his arms keeping you warm and making sure you didn’t escape in the middle of the night to work.

For myunicornnn


You and your boyfriend Jongsuk were sitting on the couch snuggled up close to one another. You were watching a movie when suddenly your phone rang.

“Hello” you said

Jongsuk paused the movie as he sat there and watched you. You were wearing grey pajama pants and a blue tank top, your hair was in a messy braid, you had no makeup on and yet you still managed to look so beautiful.

Jongsuk wrapped his left arm around your waist as his right hand caressed your bare skin. He kissed your shoulder but there was no reaction from you. He trailed his kisses from your shoulder up to your neck.

“Stop it” you said in a soft voice “yes you were saying” you said as you continued your phone call.

Jongsuk ignored you as he continued to kiss and caress your skin. You knew he wouldn’t listen to you so stood up and walked behind the couch causing him to whine.

As you stood behind the couch he gave you a pouty look making you laugh. You ran your fingers through his hair earning a small moan from him. Jongsuk took your hand as he started to play with your fingers.

“Who are you talking to?” Jongsuk whispered

“A colleague” you whispered back

“Male or female?” Jongsuk asked

“Male” you said

Jongsuk let go of your hand as you turned around. Jongsuk climbed over the couch and walked towards you. You had your back towards him as you continued your call. Jongsuk ran his fingers along the sides of your arms making you giggle.

Jongsuk smiled to himself as he wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder. He let out a sigh as you placed your hand on top his. Jongsuk’s grip tightened around your waist as he kissed your neck.

As he kissed your soft skin he pulled your phone out of your hand, disconnected the call and threw it on the couch. You were in shock for a moment before you turned around to look at him.

“What are you doing?” You asked as you placed your hands on his shoulders.

Jongsuk smiled as he pulled you in closer, his face just inches away from your and his lips almost on yours. He smirked against your lips and said:

“Kissing my girlfriend why?”

Jongsuk crashed his lips into yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He slid his tongue into your mouth as he explored every corner of it leaving you breathless. Your phone started to ring again as you pulled away from the kiss.

“Jong-ah my phone is ringing” you said still panting from the kiss.

“Yeah but wouldn’t you rather kiss me again!” Jongsuk said as he leaned his forehead against yours still panting.

You smiled as you ran your fingers through his hair and pulled him into another kiss. You could feel him smiled against your lips as be kissed you back. Jongsuk picked you up as you wrapped your legs around him.

Jongsuk gently lay you down on the bed as he hovered above you grinning from ear to ear. He moved a few strands of hair away from your face and tucked them behind your ear.

“You’re so beautiful” Jongsuk said “and I love you so much”

“You’re not so bad yourself” you said making him laugh “but I still love you”

Just as Jongsuk was about to kiss you again the doorbell rang.

“That must the pizza” you said as you signaled Jongsuk to get off of you.

“There are one too many interruptions tonight” Jongsuk said as he handed you his wallet.

“Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you later” you said as you kissed him again before leaving the room.

“You better believe it” Jongsuk said as he stoop up and followed you to the living room.

You can be sure that he didn’t spare you that night and honestly you didn’t mind one bit.