Yet among them, there is one who has grown along with SBS dramas and has greatly affected and delighted the hearts of viewers everywhere. As he grew from a youngster to a man, he displayed an instict for his characters, which is beyond his years. Interpreting this with his powerful acting, he has become an actor that viewers trust and follow.


eunhyukee44: Our friendship forever #AsExpected,MassagesAreBestWhenGettingItAlone #happyshindongday

KKT | Suju & Manager
EH: Who wants to get a massage at around 12 later~~
*no replies*
EH:Assa, I will go get it alone

eunhyukee44: Found someone to go with me :D

KKT | Suju & Manager
Best Friend Heenim: Want me to reserve it for you? Ah, I should go too
EH: If  you’re going ###~
I’m thinking of going around 12~ If you’re going KKT me
Best Friend Heenim: Ok, after I finish a round of LOL

eunhyukee44: massage with Jongsuk-ee hyung, Heenim

kimheenim: Came to get a massage with my best friend Lee Hyukjae. It’s good that he contacted me when I was playing my last round of LOL. But Jongsuk-ee hyung and Hyukjae formed a team and kept saying things to me for not watching Incheon Asian Games. So I said “Do you two watch LOL-cup then? Three Korean teams have advanced, and you don’t watch LOL-cup? It’s being held in Korea!” and the massage teachers all burst out laughing. Massage teacher said “Customer, do you have any specific part that you feel uncomfortable with?” and I said “My heart” with a sad tone, and she burst out laughing again. I’m Janna player, so if I have a daughter, I will name her ‘Kim Janna’. If I name her 'Kim Lulu’, I think she’ll be noisy since birth kk Ezreal is the best at one deals, so should I name my son 'Kimzreal’ .. Sigh…. I will date a girl like 'Ahri’~♡ #LOL-cup 컵 #NAJIN#SAMSUNG #KimJanna #Kimzreal

Translated by nksubs