170321 SHINee World V in Vancouver

Taemin: Minho….your English is good <3

Minho : Thank You :)

Jjong : good English ( thumps up)

Minho: ur English is good too

jjong: thank you too

Taemin : What about me ?

Minho: hmmmm…..not bad

Taemin: what???

Minho : Taemin you ..Not bad …so so…lol

Key: hey …what is this shirt ? freestyle 

Taemin:……“no money” …I’m hot …ok cut …I say u know….haahahaha

cr: 525silverriver

When the cuteness of Jongho makes me want to scream


170324  Jonghyun and Minho <3 Why So Serious @ Shinee world in Dallas

cr: real_ambear

SHINee World 2017 Kobe Day One–170203

During “Because of You,” in the final “Blue~Blue~”  Minho turned to Jonghyun directly and they met eyes and Minho’s face looked incredibly happy… As for the elders, during the MC for the ballad corner Onew and Jonghyun were flirting. Onew picked up something from Jonghyun’s face like they were lovers!!!

Cr. chochochipflavor