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"Minho-yah, could you..."

Jonghyun paused, a heated flush spreading across his face as he stops speaking. Minho turned around from his seat at the kitchen table, eyeing the older man in front of the stove.

“Could I what, hyung?” he asks.

“… Never mind,” Jonghyun grumbles back, eyeing the cabinet above his head; he’d much rather grab a stool from the pantry than ask that tall alien to get a mug down for him.

Minho was a step ahead of him, as usual, as he stood with an amused chuckle. Jonghyun’s breath caught in his throat when he felt Minho’s tall body press against his back, warm and solid as it leaned over him to grab for the mug just out of Jonghyun’s reach.

“It’s okay to ask, hyung,” Minho tells him, a smirk on his lips as he hands the shorter man the mug. “Let my height be useful to you for something.”

"Height isn’t everything!” is Jonghyun’s automatic response, snatching the mug from the younger’s hands as he turns away to the stove abruptly; his face is red from the proximity of their bodies and Jonghyun would sooner die than let the alien see him all hot an bothered just by the way their bodies fit together.

In his effort to turn away, he doesn’t see the hurt expression that falls on Minho’s face, but Taemin, who had been watching from the table the entire time and witnessed the entire exchange from beginning to end, just shakes his head with a small laugh.

He’d figure out a plan to get them together. Eventually.

the game.