The silly thing about life is that people will tell you things like, ‘I won’t leave you,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘I won’t hurt you,’ and they will promise things like, ‘I will never leave you,’ ‘I will love you forever,’ and ‘it’s you and I, forever.’ I find this so silly because so many people break these promises shortly after making them.

Do not promise things that you can not be sure of. You promised to stay forever and to love me, but you are no longer here. He promised to never hurt me, and he went on to betray me. She promised to love me forever, and now she is loving someone that is not me.

Do not promise things you can not be sure of. It will break the person just as I have been broken from these empty and broken promises.

—  Still recovering from your broken promises

ballet!sherlock using rugby!john’s shoulder to balance his leg on instead of the ballet bar!!!!!!!!!! john getting so hard!!!!!! licking his lips!!!!!! staring at sherlock’s muscles shifting under his tights!!!!!!! gaze running down every inch of sherlock’s body pressed up against him!!!! chuckling at sherlock blushing!!!!!! pressing a kiss to the ankle on his shoulder!!!!! sherlock whimpering!!!!!!!!!!!!!