This right here is the best part of The Flashpoint Paradox. The whole movie, Thomas Wayne (Flashpoint Batman) is shown as an alcoholic psychopath who does anything - even kill - to achieve his ends. We believe that he’s lost his humanity and his conscience, but at the end of the movie we see that that isn’t so - they are still intact, he just needed someone to bring them out with a promise of hope - the hope of a better world, and for him that world was one where his son was still alive.


Also, missed our window for sexy time because we were playing board games and he has to wake up at the ass crack of dawn for work.

So instead we snuggled til we got comfy and discussed the differences in AC and DC theory. Tell me again I’m not lucky. <3
He teaches me so much. I asked him today if I’ve taught him anything because I’ve learned so much from him. He’s taught me how to relax, to not be so anxious and let go of things. Better eyes for what should be a priority in stressful situations, how to make simple choices by forcing me to pick where we eat and what. And all he said was, “you think too much. I don’t think about these things.” I guess I still have a lot to learn.