Newt Scamander
  • Newt: magical creatures? no i haven't seen any—
  • Newt: *niffler falls out of back pocket*
  • Newt: *a dozen bowtruckles slide out of left sleeve*
  • Newt: *three hundred murtlaps, four ashwinders, and a million beasts spill out of suitcase*
  • Newt:
  • Newt: look i can explain
  • Me after Ep. 9: As much as I want rings round and golden seems to suggest the gold medal. This show has already fulfilled my dreams, what else could there be?
  • Ep 10: "It's also a thank you gift for Victor"
  • Me: *wheezes*
  • Ep 10: "We'll get married once he wins the gold medal."
  • Me: Someone call an ambulance I think I'm dying from asthma
  • Ep 10: "Be my coach Victor!"