Alright but the fact that Hobi has obviously been working on this track for a long time, including the intense af HYYH pt 2 preparations and the Run promotions, which we all know have been one of the most intense schedules we’ve seen in a long time, goes to show his dedication and love for music and also the faith he has in himself. I’m so proud and so happy that he decided to just drop this blessing on us from out of nowhere, because even though it’s an amazing song, when you think about the effort that’s gone into it- the loss of sleep, the stress, the probable second guessing about whether or not he should go through with the release (because let’s be real everybody in BTS is really hard on themselves and set’s the standard for their craft very high)- it gives the track a whole other feel. Hobi should be proud of himself, and we should be proud of him too.


little moments from 5x08 (Thanksgiving) 

Though this episode is strictly Eric/Donna related, I do love that Danny and Mila chose to add another layer of depth to their character’s onscreen relationship by keeping the physical contact between them present - it helps keep a consistent journey of Hyde and Jackie’s relationship even when it is not the main focus. 

 It also makes me very interested to know what they were talking about on the stairs - was it the actors making idle chit chat, or were they in-character? If so, what did they assume Hyde and Jackie would be talking about? In-universe, of course, they must have been discussing something, and I like that the actors decided to take that course of action because it’s one of the first real instances where their relationship isn’t limited to ‘making out because they were bored’, and shows that they do actually talk to each other. 

The second gif is something I only noticed upon rewatching the episode the other day, and I love it because it wasn’t Hyde grabbing Jackie’s hand to lead her away from the table - they’d actually been holding hands for the whole of the scene prior. Perhaps Hyde isn’t as tough as he likes to think he is after all ;)