• Perdón, por no haberte sabido valorar.
  • Perdón por haber pensado mal de ti sin conocerte.
  • Perdón por haber tenido miedo de enamorarme de ti. (y que lo terminé haciendo)
  • Perdón por haberme cegado por lo que sentía por ti.
  • Perdón por ser todo lo que no te gusta.
  • Perdón por no haber logrado que tú también te enamoraras de mí.
  • Perdón por no poder, saber y querer olvidarte.
  • Perdón por haberme cruzado en tu vida.

“He looked more alive in death”
⇨ Happy birthday dear old kimberly ✲゚*

Cheater Cheater ~J.G.~

Summary: Jack cheats on you

Requested: yes

Note: I think I have like one request and then I’m going to write a Stiles imagine ❤️

“I’ll be back”

I’ve been hearing those words come out of my boyfriends mouth for about a month now. Every night he goes to hang out with his friends and comes back way too late.

Recently he’s been getting messy. Some girl keeps texting him and asking if he’s coming back, I got screenshots of that. He gets extremely drunk and makes out with girls, I got a couple pictures of that. And when I call his friends to see if he’s alright, they’re all confused because he told them he was staying with me tonight.

Honestly, it’s getting old. At one time I did love jack, but I love myself enough to know this isn’t healthy.

He always tells me he isn’t cheating on me. Which we all know is a lie and I’m ready to leave. I’ve got my shit packed in my car and a couple pictures/screenshots ready in my hand.

Jack told me he was going out with Johnson and Nash but Johnson told me he never showed. So i did some Twitter digging and found out he’s at a club downtown.

So I throw on my jeans and crop top, just to make myself presentable and I call my bestfriend to let her know I’ll be staying the night.

I get in my car and drive to the club, thinking about what to say. As I pull up I walk straight up to the bouncer because I know him. He nods and lets me through.

I began weaving through the sweaty drunken bodies and make my way towards the back. As I get off the dance floor I see jack, pulling a girl into his lap.

They begin making out while she straddles him and I can’t take anymore.

“Excuse me bitch, but if you’d just give me 20 minutes with my boyfriend you can have him for the rest of the night.” I spit, sarcastically smiling at her as she gets up and readjusts her dress.

Jack seems shocked but almost to drunk to care.

“Really Jack. Making out with someone when you’re dating me, lying to me and still wearing the shit I bought you? Do you have no concept of remorse or guilt? I work my ass off to make you happy and all you do is get drunk and cheat. Why? Am I not good enough? Am I too clingy? Too bitchy for you?” I growl over the music.


“Oh. I’m too petty. Okay, makes sense. How about this for petty. Give me the watch.” I pop out my hip and hold my hand out.

“What, why?”

“I bought it.” He rolls his eyes and slips it off and into my hand. I put it in my purse.

“And the shoes.”

“Y/n you-”

“AH. I bought those too. Go ahead and give me the shirt also.”

“I’m in a club”

“Yeah and I’m in a petty mood. Take it off.”

He takes it off and throws it at me. People are now starting to stare at the scene.

“Thanks. Oh and ugh, here’s some screenshots I’d like you to read to me. Don’t forget the contact name either.” I say handing them to him.

“Emely with a smirky face and a tongue.

When are you coming back babe. I miss you.

Not tonight. My girlfriends cooking dinner. Tomorrow? I miss your sexy ass

Idk if i can wait a whole night Jack

Ok. I’ll come up with something” he reads as people began pulling out their phones to record.

“So while I was cooking you dinner you were out fucking some bitch. Is that what you’re telling me jack, cause I loved you jack gilinsky. We spent 2 fucking years building our love. I loved you with everything in me, now you’re just a cheating asshole and I wish you the best” I say handing him the rest of the pictures and walking out.

Some people call it harsh that I left jack with no shoes and no shirt but that’s what you get. I don’t take cheating lightly.

Día 2:
  • Los recuerdos duelen.
  • Los ojos me pesan.
  • A veces creo que mis ojos se secaron.
  • Tengo que poner una cara alegre en el trabajo y en la escuela.
  • Y he logrado reír, pero mi risa es floja, la sonrisa se borra más fácil de mi rostro...
  • No lo niego, te extraño. Y me arrepiento mucho de haberte hecho daño.
  • Sé que estarás mejor sin mí, pero tengo miedo de verte con alguien más... Tengo miedo de estar destrozada y que tú estés feliz sin mí. Aunque claro, me odiaría aún más a mí misma sabiendo que estás tan mal cómo yo.
  • Me duelen las canciones, me duelen los lugares, me duele todo.
  • Simplemente no sales de mi cabeza.
  • Hoy es san Valentín y cómo desearía que lo hubiéramos pasado juntos, ser cómo esas parejas felices. No con regalos. Mi mejor regalo hubiera sido tenerte a mi lado, poder mirarte a los ojos y perderme en ellos, cómo tanto me gustaba.
  • Sentir tu calor, tus labios sobre los míos. Eso era más que suficiente.
  • Pero te has ido, y no me queda más remedio que aceptarlo.
  • 14-02-17
Día 20
  • <p> <b></b> A veces creo que estoy bien. O bueno, mejor.<p/><b></b> Hay momentos dónde no te extraño, dónde no me dueles tanto...<p/><b></b> Pero hay momentos cómo éste dónde te extraño tanto...<p/><b></b> Me dueles más que antes.<p/><b></b> Quisiera verte, simplemente darte un abrazo.<p/><b></b> Quisiera hablar contigo, reír. Aunque sea sólo cómo amigos.<p/><b></b> Es horrible estar sin ti.<p/></p>