Okay, but what was that 3 second Jeremy-cameo in the finale though? Elena, who broke down to the point where she burned her house to the ground and was ready to let Kol kill her after Jeremy died in Season 4, just woke up from a coma. They could’ve never seen each other again because she was gonna stay in that come until Bonnie died. And there was literally no reunion or any type of interaction or even a scene they were both in at the same time. What was even the point of that cameo, it just seemed so weird.


a mix for the Gilbert siblings

01. my sister, what made you fall from grace, I’m sorry that I was not there to catch you / 02. my sister could not describe all the good things gone wrong / 03. we can leave now, just drive away, only you and me, we could leave today, let’s take a chance / 04. I’ve been drained and I can’t hide it, but I have strength for you, you’re all that’s real anymore, I am coming home now, I need your comfort / 05. I love you, after all we’ve been through I don’t want you changing right before my eyes, oh, but I know it’s right / 06. your love gets me through dark nights / 07. will you lay yourself down and dig your grave, or will you rail against your dying day / 08. the dog days are over, the dog days are done / 09. the ghosts that we knew will flicker from view, and we’ll live a long life

[ L I S T E N ]


Do you ever just cry, because they destroyed something so beautiful? And no one knows why :(