Reasons to love Dean Winchester:

  • he has the most beautiful, kind heart
  • he is afraid of flying. demons? dying? satan himself? nah, just flying.
  • his profound bond with Castiel
  • he is playful and an absolute dork
  • natural born badass
  • he has a love for chick flicks
  • he is married to his car
  • the “single-perfect-tear”
  • he was hot before he went to hell for the 9th time
  • he is overprotective to anyone who falls under his care
  • seriously, how can someone not be in love with dean winchester

For @jensenhiatuslove Week #2 - My Favorite Jensen Outfit

My favorite is “Jensen Ackles & Bedding/Bed Sheet”  coz c’mon .. who doesn’t like it!! and its an outfit too OK !!! 

Thanks you @poorbeautifuldean for  ‘favorite outfit = no outfit at all’ -You inspired this  post !!!

Thanks @justjensenanddean for helping me with screencaps !!

P.S: i am a photoshop rookie.. its the best i could do

Is it just me or do these types of things happen to you guys as well?
  • Me:*reads literally 218 chapters of Destiel fanfic*
  • Mom:Hey, I need your help washing the dishes.
  • Me:W h a TTT the F UCK MOM!!?! cannt you SEe i'MM STudyING??? DO yUU wanT me to FAil???? DO yoU WISh for mEE TO noTT THRIVe In SCHooL?!?!?!

My face when people say Destiel isn’t canon. #supernatural #dean #sam #cas #destiel #crowley #spn #spnfamily #jensenackles #jaredpadalecki #mishacollins #marksheppard #superwholock #doctorwho #sherlock #canon #fandoms #geek #nerd #nerdy #talknerdytome

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