Hearts Wide Open

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Part 8 - The Deepest Secrets

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Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,795
Warnings: language, mentions of adoption, mentions of cheating, mentions of pregnancy, mentions of giving birth
A/N: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted this! There will only be maybe 4 more parts left of this! I hope you enjoy! Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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anonymous asked:

what do you think about some accusations saying jensen is homophobic? there is a video of him being a real asshole with a fan

Before I begin, let’s just state my opinion:

Jensen Ross Ackles is not homophobic.

Now, my mind changes easily, but this is something I’ll defend until I die because I feel that everything people see as ‘homophobic’ can be interpreted differently, AND there’s extra proof that Jensen could be bisexual or is, at least, supporting gay relationships, etc.
(I love Jensen more than I think I could explain properly, so if the way I talk about him sounds creepy, I’m sorry. I try.)

The ‘biggest’ reason I know for people to think Jensen is homophobic, is because he doesn’t like the Destiel questions on cons. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t support love between two guys, or gay characters. It means he feels nervous/shy/uncomfortable answering these questions, which is a very human thing.
When I was sixteen, there was a rumor going on I liked this guy. Which I kinda did. But I hated the questions, the whispers, the teasing. I hated it and I wanted people to shut up about it and not ask questions. Did it mean I didn’t like this guy? No. Did it mean I’m ‘heterophobic’? No.

This could be a reason for Jensen to dislike the questions.

Another reason could be because he’s simply not allowed to answer them. We all kinda know Misha ships Destiel, (and Jared too, or at least they talk about it) and if we’d know for sure that Jensen does, the entire fandom would not be settled until they kissed on screen because ‘both support it so why not?’
I wonder what would happen if Jensen would openly say ‘yeah I ship this’. Think about it. It’d change things, I’m sure, also for the Cockles shippers, I’m not blaming anyone, it’d change things for me too.
I think the directors, or Misha and Jensen, know this. And hell do they know there’s a bunch of shippers out there (10x05 anyone?).

Also, Jensen saying he supports Destiel maybe wouldn’t be ‘fair’ to non-shippers, Wincest shippers e.g. I know there can be a few sensitive people in the fandom, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’d be complaints in the style of a teacher favoring a student if that makes sense.

Right, so I kinda got out of my comfort zone and looked up the video. I think you’re talking about he doesn’t want to answer the question about Dean and bisexuality and subtext and stuff right?

Seriously guys, I understand, I totally understand that this is seen as homophobic and Jensen being a dickhead. But I feel like he freaked out and didn’t know how to reply, he didn’t think he’d have to answer this question or didn’t think it’d freak him out like it did. Yeah, he could’ve been more tactful and nice, but as I said he’s human.
Humans make mistakes and so does Jensen.

To get back to when I was sixteen, when someone asked me about the guy, I was mean too. I told her ‘shut up about him, I’m not interested, please just fuck off’. I still feel bad about it, because why did I say that? I liked him, right?
I think I freaked out and didn’t know how to handle the question and I was so tired of them.
Could be for Jensen, too.
Honestly, it’s exhausting if people keep trying to get you together with someone, or ask about your (in Jensen’s case Dean’s) sexuality, believe me.

I also think that this was all before Jensen understood really what Destiel really is about. I don’t think he understood that we don’t just ship it because they’re hot and we want to see them naked, together, at least not everyone.
Thanks to 10.05, I think, because I’ve read that he talked about it with Jeremy Carver in a positive way and finally understood. Don’t know if this is true, but it sounds like it could’ve happened, and he’s been less ‘brute’ about these questions lately.  

This is a thing I could go on about forever, but I’m keeping this short: he already played a bisexual character in Blonde, and I never heard him complain. I don’t think he’d really mind if the writers would declare that Dean is bisexual, or fans thinking that. Period.

Onto the best part, what proves that Jensen is not homophobic? Ah well, I’ll give you some pictures etc., to show you why I can’t honestly see Jensen being homophobic.

click, look this bean being happy with his two married lesbian aunts.

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(sorry I’m a cockles shipper, so it’s easier for me to show those examples)  

I could go on forever but I’d like to end with this thank you very much. I hope this helped, anon c:


“Hola guapa, soy Jensen, tengo 11 años y… ¿me das tu teléfono?”

Las mozas están acostumbradas a que hombres de todo tipo las cortejen, pero… ¿qué pasa si lo intenta un chaval de 11 añitos?


Just watch cuz you won’t regret it.

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