Top of the mornimg to you, SPN-family, heey! Or evening? Doesn’t matter! Time doesn’t exist when it goes to love for Jensen Ackles ;)

So don’t you wanna share this love with him? Tell him how he inspires you or make you smile at the bad days? If you do, here is your chance!

We are making a scrapbook for Jensen, where we collect fans’ letters to him. But since Jensen is so into music and for the last year he became more open with fans and started to sing at the conventions, we wanted to show him how we appreciate it, soo.. your letter should include a song that reminds you of Jensen or Dean and explanation why this song is associated with him for you.

C'mon, guys, don’t you wanna be a reason for this sunshine to smile?

All letters have to be no longer than 1500 characters and must include your name, city and country at the end. Send your letters to our email with message subject “Team Jensen” until 15th April.

We are also making gifts for Jared, Misha, Osric and Mark. Check out our blog for more information! And we’d be really grateful for helping to spread the word or donating to print all the gifts.