this is one of the funniest interviews i’ve seen in a while by them omg


i laughed



I can try and put into words what you mean to me but I feel as though it’ll be a lot easier said than done. I remember having some of the darkest thoughts you could imagine, literally just wanting to end it all, but hearing your bands lyrics was one of the few things I could count on to keep me here. I remember some of my friends asking how I cope or how I manage to deal with my demons, and all I could really reply with was “music” because there were certain bands or songs that got me through it all. You guys have been an outlet for me when I felt stuck, insecure, alone, lost, incapable, and most importantly, sad. So thank you for everything that you’ve done for me without even really being aware. I appreciate everything that both you, and Tyler have done over the past few years from your interviews, and speeches with the intent to help others, to your music and lyrics. You’re more amazing than you know and I hope you have the most amazing birthday anyone could possibly have, stillstreet