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Johnny (Realistically) as a Boyfriend HC's please? NSFW included if you're feeling frisky.

TBH i don’t really do a lot of Johnny stuff because I never really think about him. Like he’s a super important character but I always think of him as being dead? His death was super important in the book and I just like it was right, even if it sucks… idk that’s why I never write about him but anyway I feel like by the time Johnny died in the book he was actually starting to become interested in like dating and stuff so it’s hard to imagine what he would be like in those situations since we’re never given much history about it

-It’s pretty obvious that he can be shy, so I don’t think he could approach you for the first time unless he’s got his boys with him. Being with them gives him a little kick of confidence

-he certainly is NOT one for pickup lines, so he would start with just simple conversation

-probably wont ask you out the first time he meets you because he’s not quite sure how you feel about him, but everything he see’s you he’ll be sure to strike up a conversation

-When he takes you out on dates he likes going to very public places, like the Dingo or Jays, or even the Nightly Double

-he want’s people to see that you’re together, but he isn’t the type to like shout it from the roof tops. He just wants people to know that you’re taken by him

-at first he’s a real fan of going on double dates because it makes it a bit easier for him, since this is all new, but after a while he prefers just you and him

-He gets a job under the table to support his date night fund, plus it keeps him away from home for a while

-He’s definitely a little distant and doesn’t really open up, and never talks about his home life with you

-I feel like Johnny tries to be a super masculine/stereotypical boyfriend. He feels the need to be protective and maybe even a bit controlling almost to prove himself??

-He’s not super cocky about it like Steve would be, but he’s certainly not sensitive and mushy

-he likes cuddling a lot more than he lets you think and he’s not super pushy with sex

-being able to make out and spend time with you is enough for him

-he loves the attention and love you’ve given him because that’s something he’s never had from his family before

-he’ll definitely use you as an escape from them, just like he is with the gang 

-and that’s super important for him, but he definitely struggles with being dependent on you and can’t imagine life without you

-which can be scary sometimes tbh

-the guys eventually have a little talk with him and try to get it sorted out, because tbh he hardly hangs out with them any more and it’s made them pissy, but Johnny starts to recognize that abusive behavior more and more and trys to correct it

-he’ll really do anything to keep you, because you help him define his self worth which is NOT okay but it’s all he’s got going for him

Thanks for the request!! I hope you liked it. Johnny is such a complex character and I feel like a lot of people discredit that and make him this sappy sad little puppy dog and that aint him lol