Reasons To Date Jay Park

When he first saw you 

Couple looks…

When he dances for you 

And when he dances for you 


And then this..

Doing literally everything together

Hanging with him 

Taking pictures of him 

When you diss him 

Making him laugh 

When you’re hanging out with his friends 

Mmm… well… 

Being able to do this to him 

Dinner dates

And just this 

(Credit to the gif and still makers)

I just wanna say how much I appreciate that the moms are doing their best in their silenced position to let their voices be heard, whether it’s a very well timed jab at the Jung’s grossness or their gold digging ways, midst of the biggest stunt both moms let their pictures speak loud and it’s beautiful. I’m so proud of them and it breaks my heart at the same time. They have so much to say, and I’m hoping there will be a time when they could speak up.

We already hear you. LOUD AND CLEAR.


Nya’s Death: Ninjago Season 6

At first this was going to be a small side project, but I ended up putting a lot of effort into it. I had fun making it and I’m happy with how it turned out! So I hope you enjoy :)

(Sorry that it has to be a youtube video, it was too big for tumblr.)

"Episode 27"

PIXAL: You are Zane, a droid like me. What does “ZANE” stand for?

Jay: *cuts in between them* Zesty. Attractive. Naturally cute. Entrancing.

Zane: Shut up