Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 29 : Future Bot Zoltron

Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 5   : Future Bot Zoltron

Episode Number : 29\5
Episode Name : Future Bot Zoltron
Networks : Cartoon Network
Genres : Animation, Comedy

Steven Universe Summary
Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 5   : Future Bot Zoltron Steven tells people’s fortunes at Funland.
Steven Universe is a coming-of-age story told from the perspective of Steven, a chubby and happy-go-lucky boy and the youngest member of an intergalactic/ethereal team of warriors called the Crystal Gems.


Season 3 of Carmilla is coming up fast and we’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up, including a new way in which we are dropping episodes (that’s right, more than one episode will be going out at a time)!

So without further ado, here’s your go-to guide to the most epic season of Carmilla yet!

Things to know:

  • Next week is Silas Orientation Week and you won’t want to miss it! Tune into the KindaTV News next Monday to get the low down on the week and how you can join in on all the fun!
  • Acts! This season will be released in 3 acts, each with several episodes in it for your binging pleasure!
  • YouNow PreShows! Tune into YouNow before each Act release to join the cast & crew of Carmilla for a Q&A, live watch & more! More deets to come.
  • Finally we will be attending both Fan Expo Canada & New York Comic Con this year and hope you can make it out to see us. We love nothing more than getting to see all your beautiful faces!

Let the games begin!

Carmilla HQ
9 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The New Season Of “Carmilla”
Natasha and Elise gave us the deets and they're delicious.
By Lauren Strapagiel

Oh! And if there weren’t enough surprises already… we get to meet Sherman Hollis this season! (Yes… that IS Veronica Mars’s Dad!)

Carmilla Season 3 premieres for its final season on September 15 and as we wait for it and also get ready for the final chapter of this amazing story, I decided to make a “Carmilla Appreciation Week”. It’ll take place from September 4 - September 10 (a week before the premiere.)

Yes, I know my blog is mostly about Natasha and Elise, but I love Carmilla as well so I thought, why not?

I thought it would be fun to mix it with “go-to guide” posted by the @CarmillaSeries on twitter and tumblr.

You can make the prompts using GIFS, edits, graphics, fanfics, fanarts or anything of your choice as long as it’s YOURS (please, don’t repost anything. It takes time and effor to create something, it’s not nice to steal it.) and it fits the prompt of that day. Tag your stuff with the hastag “#CARMILLAWEEK” so that everyone can see everyone’s creations! :)

The prompts are:

DAY 1: Favorite season(s)
DAY 2: Favorite character(s)
DAY 3: Favorite funny scene(s)
DAY 4: Favorite otp(s)
DAY 5: Favorite brotp(s)
DAY 5: Favorite quote(s)
DAY 6: Favorite scene(s)
DAY 7: free day/choice

If you have any interest in participate or just to appreciate, REBLOG TO SPREAD THE WORD. (I’m super embarassed to be posting this, but again: why not?)


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