Calling out all Cassiopeia and any other fandom willing to help!

Starting from Monday, August 3rd till Sunday, August 9 our fandom will be having a dbsk week where us fans and anyone who wants to join can post graphics, fanfics, and anything related to DBSK/JYJ/TVXQ. The main goal is to trend dbsk for the week on tumblr. Why? Our fandom is starting to become smaller due to many new groups debuting, and the members slowly entering into the military. Because of this, many new kpop fans are not aware of dbsk, and they know nothing about them, and I felt that by doing this, we can make more people aware about our 5 kings :) Participation from everyone is highly appreciated. We need all the help we can get so please please please!!!! reblog this post so that more people can see. Just remember that DBSK is the group that every other group looks up to so we can’t let them fade away. 

This is the schedule to go by as suggested by fivefromthestars

Monday: DB5K / JYJ / TVXQ
Tuesday: Jaejoong
Wednesday: Yunho
Thursday: Junsu
Friday: Changmin
Saturday: Yoochun
Sunday: Cassiopeia / Big East

*If you have any questions or more suggestions, then please message me and I’ll be happy to answer your concern.


僕は君の全てなど 知ってはいないだろう
I may not know everything about you
それでも一億人から 君を見つけたよ
Even so amongst a hundred million people I would still find you
根拠はないけど 本気で思ってるんだ  
I can’t prove it but I really believe so