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25 Days of Christmas (Day 7- Kim Jaejoong)

A/N: Sorry that this one is late everybody. I was sick yesterday… but on the bright side: Jaejoong Smut! 

Group: DB5K JYJ

Pairing: Jaejoong x Reader

Genre: Smut

“You don’t have to do this” Jaejoong smiled, sticking his finger in your cake batter. You slapped his hand away and he grinned before sucking the batter from his finger. “I want to do it” you responded. You grabbed the pan and filled it with the little foil cupcake wrappers.

JYJ was having a Christmas dinner and you’d offered to bake the desserts. You had to. Junsu had put on his sad face when Jaejoong suggested just buying a few cakes. He was borderline addicted to your cupcakes.  "I’m sure he would be okay if you didn’t make him some cupcakes" he smiled. You ignored him and started pouring the batter into the pan. You popped it into the oven and started paying attention to the topping, homemade whipped cream. It was your first time making it but you figured that it was worth a try.

Standing over the bowl, you stirred the cream using so much force that your breasts jiggled in your semi-low cut shirt. Jaejoong smiled but didn’t say anything, just enjoying the show. About halfway through, you began complaining. “Why is this so hard?” you groaned. He swallowed at your choice of words and continued to enjoy the show. Here he had your innocent little figure getting sweaty and bouncing in front of him. It was bringing back some memories and he couldn’t help but to get hard.  “Wa~ babe, I’m almost there!” you shrieked in excitement, the cream finally starting to set. 

He was salivating at your words, dying in his chair as you unintentionally teased him further and further. You turned the bowl upside down and was ecstatic to see that none of it had fallen out. You grinned from ear to ear, placing the bowl back on the table and taking a seat. He watched as you dipped a finger into the bowl and pulled it out, the sticky white substance clinging to your finger. His mouth fell open as you stuck the finger into your mouth and closed your eyes, moaning at the taste. “This is so good. Want some?” you asked. You finally looked up at his face and he had that look in his eyes.

It was the look he got when he was ready. You weren’t sure what got him to this point but you weren’t going to argue with it. You stood up from your chair and brought the bowl over to Jaejoong, sitting on his lap. You pretended that you didn’t feel his raging erection and slid your finger along the outskirts of the bowl. You held your finger up to his lips and he placed and arm around your waist. He sucked your finger into his mouth, tongue brushing against it. “It’s good, right?” you asked, sliding your finger from his mouth. 

His eyes were burning a hole into yours, giving you chills, and he nodded. You noticed a bit of cream still on his lips and smiled. “What?” he asked, his deep voice making you wet.

“You just have a little… hold on.” You licked the cream from his lip and he kissed you. His tongue almost instantly went into your mouth, tangling with yours. Your hands went to either side of his face as you pressed your lips harder onto him, his erection twitching beneath you. You sucked onto his bottom lip and he moaned, his hands rubbing at your side. Heat was filling your body as you fell deeper and deeper into the kiss, your panties soaking wet. The cupcake timer dinged and you jumped up. 

You turned around, walking to the oven. Jaejoong watched you, his penis practically cursing at him for letting you move away. You bent at the waist, ass in the air, still giving him a show. You checked the cupcakes and they still weren’t fully done. Changing the time, you set up the timer again. You closed the door back and before you could sit up, Jaejoong had his groin pressed into your ass. 

You looked back at him, batting your eyelashes. “What’s wrong?” you asked. He bit his lip and slid his hand out across your back. The other hand went under your skirt and he felt your panties. A smirk formed on his face as he felt how wet you were. He slid your underwear down your legs and you made no move to stop him.

He rubbed the insides of your legs and you prayed that he would just get to your mound soon. “You are so bad” he smiled, his hands finally reaching your soaking womanhood. You released a shaky breath as he ran his fingers over your folds. Your skirt was pushed up around your waist and he placed the tip of his thumb into your hole. His index finger played with your clit and you braced yourself against the counter top.

His palmed your ass, giving it a nice squeeze. His index finger drew slow deliberate circles across your clit and you groaned, wishing that he would enter you. You knew better than to rush him though. 

He turned you around, and stripped you of your shirt. He tossed your shirt across the room and removed your bra. He picked you up and pushed you up against the wall, too impatient to take you anywhere else. He sucked onto your neck, his clothed penis rubbing against your pussy. You moaned and moved your legs to pull him in closer. Your head fell back and your breath came out in short bursts. Jaejoong ground his hard penis into you as his tongue glided across your skin. You cursed the layers of clothing that kept him from entering you. He grunted and sat you down only to remove his clothes.  Before he could grab you, you pulled him into the living room.

You pushed him on the couch and straddled him, letting his penis sink deeply into you. He leaned back, allowing you to take over. You place your hands on his shoulders and slowly lifted yourself up only to slam back down. The two of you moaned in unison and you repeated this action until you’d found a steady rhythm. His hands grabbed your breasts as you rode him. You bent your head down and pressed your lips to his. 

His hands moved to your hips and he kissed you back. Your hips circled faster and you broke the kiss, panting. Jaejoong bucked into you and you moaned. You tightened yourself around him and he grunted, his hips pushing into you faster. “Jae- fuck. Oh, oh, oh yes” you moaned. He bit your breast and you screamed, cumming on him.

Your hips continued to move and Jaejoong thrust into you. His hips faltered and he moaned your name before shooting his load into you. As soon as he came, the cupcake timer dinged. You slumped your body onto him, your chest moving in time with his. “What got you so excited?” you asked, turning to look at him.

“Whipping the cream” he smiled, planting a kiss on your forehead.