Sorry about the video quality of this one. I couldn’t find any video that had been recorded of the J2 gold panel other then Periscope. 

This video features the J2 Gold Panel.


J2 on set of Flash

Minneapolis Gold - The big hamburger

Fan asks J2 to show her their best whip and nay-nay

Jeffrey Dean Morgan crashes the panel

J2 talk about the Olympics

J2 talk about why they think Sam and Dean didn’t talk while Sam was at Stanford

J2 talk about their CW photo shoots, the trip to The Flash set and the prank on Stephen Amell’s parking space.

J2 get lei’d

Everything is white, because Genevieve insisted it would look good on his tan skin and was traditional for human weddings. Jared didn’t try to explain to her that he wasn’t a bride so there was nothing traditional about him wearing lacy underwear on his wedding day; instead he went along with it, trusting her to help him pick something that wasn’t too embarrassing.
Up Against Your Will
By Organization for Transformative Works

by   AmyPond45

  • Pairing: J2
  • Rating: NC-17
  • Word Count: 17k
  • Completed: Yes
  • Summary:   Jensen wasn’t planning to rent out the apartment in his basement. But when a tall, handsome stranger offers him a deal he can’t refuse, Jensen puts aside his natural shyness and lets Jared move into his home. Now Jensen’s having intense dreams, hearing strange sounds in the night, and one day he sees a wolf in his backyard. Can Jensen regain his carefully ordered life (and his sanity) before it completely unravels? Or will he give in to his passion for the beautiful blind man with all the wildness in his heart?

My comments: well, I’m not really into fic where the boys are anything other than humans (I’ve read only a handful of them), but this one had blind!jared and you know me… so I had to go for it and I LOVED it. read it in like less than a day, it’s so fucking cute! only problem is that it ended too fast, I need MORE!

Driving Mr. Ackles

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by KaitlynMaurine

When Jared Padalecki, aspiring Architect, applied to be the personal assistant to the state of Texas’ most prominent and influential architect of the decade, Jensen Ackles, he assumed that the job would entail learning the ropes of the trade, and someday scoring an internship with the company. He did not for a moment think his job would be driving Jensen to and from Chemotherapy treatments.

Words: 734, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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