#98- Shaving Kink (Jared x Jensen)

Requested by anon for my kink list (master list here).

Warning: shaving someone else’s face, smut

Word Count: 1150ish

A/N: Still new to writing this ship, hope y’all enjoy it! XOXO

Jensen wakes up to sunlight peeking around the edges of the curtains and an empty bed. The pillow next to him is still dented from Jared’s head, and there’s warm, damp air floating from the hotel bathroom.

Jensen stretches for a moment, then gets up and heads to the bathroom, not even bothering to grab his boxers from the pile of laundry on the floor. When he gets to the door, he stops and quietly leans against it, just watching. He’s already half-hard just from waking up, but it only takes a few seconds of this view to get him all the way there.

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anonymous asked:

I love Jared and the panel was great but I feel like he was ... off almost like he was trying to act up beat and extra especially during the gold panel what are your thoughts

I can tell you a couple things that I’ve heard/read. This is coming from multiple sources who were in Jared’s private session at nashcon. First of all, he said that he’s having a lot of anxiety. He even mentioned in the gold panel that he’s seeing his therapist twice a week right now. People have been speculating a lot about why that is but with the new baby coming, I understand it completely. Work is another factor- it’s been hard on him. He talked about how he and Jensen are actually confirmed through season 14 but mentioned the possibility of shorter seasons. He’s also helping with running the bar and he said that it will be a test kitchen for Jensen’s brewing company although they can’t actually join the businesses due to Texas laws. 

The cutest thing from that session is that when Jared was talking about having a girl, he mentioned J.J. and called her “Birdy”. 

Anyway, I think he just has a lot going on right now and it’s hard on him, but he’s doing his best. He’s getting professional help to get him through and that’s the best thing anyone can do.