I just can’t imagine any other two actors playing these characters and the show lasting as this long. One of the main reasons I stick with Supernatural even when it disappoints me sometimes is because of these two guys. Their friendship is so amazing and they give so much to the fans that I feel a loyalty towards them and to the characters they play. Does that sound weird?

And that last look they share - that pretty much sums it all up

just lookin at this gif in class and just noticed 

while jared says “or into a tight…” (context: about using Vaseline)

look at

is it just me OR does it look like jareds nudging jensen just a tad as he talks about using vaseline to be able to get into tight places ?

of course jensen gets the v sexual reference right away

bc it makes sense the two would know how handy vaseline is ;P

before i head over to math class id like to remind you of the time j2 lived together and sometimes how theyd stay up late at night and play guitar and sing together ok im not making this up this is real this happened