This is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

I had my messed up Hot Topic lanyard on because I love it. It’s the one where they mislabeled Sam as Dean and Dean as Sam, so I went in and said good morning and held it up and said “apparently in Season 11 you’re switching hairstyles” and they both leaned in really close. Jared went “whaatttttt - where did you get this?” and I told him. Jensen looked a minute longer then emphatically said “NO”.

I handed Jared the wrench and the Impala manual and told him to look confused. He succeeded. Handed Jensen the keys and said, “Dude. Sammy just fucked with your car.” He also delivered.

After, he took the book and looked at it and asked if it was real (it is a real ‘67 Impala Owner’s Manual) and I told him it was. He asked to keep it. I don’t tell Jensen Ackles no.

Also, during one of these photo ops, I met Sherri and Gerry Padalecki and Donna and Alan Ackles. I asked Alan if they might get up to Baltimore for a crabcake and he laughed and said he was scared of Baltimore. ARGHHH

LOL!! Still floating.


Jared thanking a girl who was behind tea candles at Comic Con. Watch it, it’s beautiful guys :) (you can also see his parents!)

I was crying a little in the photo op room before hand (I’m not sure why considering I met them already??? I think I had a ‘wow this show means a lot to me moment’) anyways PSA: DONT ASK J2 TO SQUISH YOU AS HARD AS THEY CAN THEY WILL CRACK YOU SPINE INTO TWO PIECES. I was like ‘hi! Can you guys squish me as hard as you possibly can??“ And Jensen and Jared exchanged an amused look and Jensen goes “Hmm.. Are you sure you can handle it??” And Im like “yes I’m ready!! Let’s do this!! Who do I hug??” And Jared goes “Me! I want a hug come here you!!” and proceeded to pull me into a hug and actually break my body. At one point I had to gasp for air. When they let go I struggled to regain my balance and said something along the lines of “wow! holy shit that hurt” and they both cracked up. I had a horrible back pain for most of that day especially like 3 hours after it. Now a day later my back still hurts a bit lol.

Title: Some Color

Author: marrieddorks

Artist: blondebitz

Beta: buttheyrebrothers

Genre: RPS

Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki (J2)

Rating: M

Word Count: 56,510

Summary: This is your typical guy-meets-guy story, except, well, maybe it isn’t. When jaded-tattoo artist Jensen moved to Nelsonville, a small but charming town in Indiana, to open his own tattoo parlor he hoped for many things. Falling in love was not one of them, however. A few years down the road he seemed to have achieved quite a bit - a successful business, good (and very unique) friends, and a content, if a bit quiet, life. That’s where Jared comes in. He buys the deserted shop next to Jensen’s (and converts it into a flower shop of all things) as well as the apartment above it, making them neighbors in every sense. Jared quickly takes the hearts of Jensen’s friends by storm and Jensen finds his own is already on the line too, but he’s still fighting tooth and nail. When not even the matchmaking skills of their friends seem do anything to convince these stupid boys that they are perfect for each other, a blow of fate makes Jensen finally reconsider everything. But is Jensen really willing to let Jared in or will past hurts ruin his chance of ever being happy with another person? And what secrets is Jared hiding and just how much is that going to affect them all?

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