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Hi I really like your writing style!! I wanted to request a jhope smut if you have time for that! THANK YOU!!

Thank you! Sorry it took so long! ^^; <3 Bibi

“No, like this,” J-Hope interjected.

“But it feels weird! I don’t think it’s right,” youprotested.

“It is; trust me,” he smiled in return.

You were at your apartment, and J-Hope was teaching you how to hip roll. You had tried to rock your hips from side to side, but it didn’t feel like you were doing it correctly. You frowned in confusion and slight frustration.

“Aw, don’t make that face,” J-Hope grinned encouragingly. “You can do it.” His face lit up suddenly. “You just need some music!”

You laughed at his enthusiasm, pretending not to stare at his butt and back as he turned around to plug in his phone to the speakers on your nightstand. He played their song I Like It, knowing that one of the moves in the choreography involved a hip swing.

“I know this isn’t a hip roll, but it’ll give the right feeling,” he said determinedly. When the chorus came up, J-Hope showed you the dance. It was easy enough, and you figured it out before the second chorus came up. You were nervous about the hip swing, and even though you tried during the second verse, it didn’t seem right once again.

“Damn,” you sighed. The second chorus was starting, but you didn’t think you could do it.

“Relax,” he instructed. “Keep going,” he added as he moved from your side. You wondered what he could be doing when you felt his hands at your hips. Your heart just about leaped out of your chest, and your face heated up rapidly. You hesitated in your dance momentarily. When the hip-swing came, he applied pressure with his fingertips. Your movements seemed more dramatic, but they looked more natural.

You felt Hoseok’s body heat radiating against your back; he was standing really close. Your senses were having a hard time comprehending his fingertips and his body heat, but then he started talking to you.

“See? It’s easy,” he murmured, his lips close to your ears. His warm breath sent shivers down your spine. He was moving his body in time with yours, slowing down both of your swaying. His fingertips didn’t leave your skin as his hands found a spot right below your ribs. “When you do a hip roll, you’re going to feel these muscles tightening,” he breathed. You felt your stomach tighten furiously.

“Try it,” he requested softly. There was a change in his voice, and it made your breathing catch for a second. You did as he told you, your hips and sides moving in accordance with his hands. The motions were slow and almost intimate.

You felt Hoseok’s lips gently brush against your ear, and you could hear that his breathing had elevated. You had stopped rolling your hips, settling for swaying once again. You leaned backwards a little bit, and the space in between your shoulder blades met with J-Hope’s torso. You had been holding out your arms a little bit away from your sides, but your hands went down his arms, stopping at his hands. Your body was fully pressed against his.

His lips moved down your ear and planted soft kisses on your jaw, and he moved his hands across your body. One hand found your breast and squeezed gently. You sighed and leaned into him, indicating that he was doing the right thing. He was kissing down your neck at this point, using one of his hands to pull up your shirt. You let him remove it and turned to face him after it was gone.

He was definitely aroused; his pupils had dilated, and he was staring at you hungrily. You kissed him, and a feverish intensity came over the both of you. One of his hands fisted in your hair while the other found your ass. He pulled you close to him, and your hands roamed over his broad shoulders and toned body. He kissed down your neck, and he sucked gently on his way. He teased the waistband of your shorts, and you pulled them down with your panties. Your lips found his again; you felt him smirking.

“Eager?” he breathed, undoing the button on his pants.

“Maybe,” you murmured, pulling off your shirt. Hoseok did the same, and you pushed him back until he fell onto the bed. You kissed your way down his body, pulling off his pants when you got to his stomach. While this happened, you were circling your clit with two fingers.

“[F/N],” he sighed. You pulled down his underwear enough to release his length. You pumped him slowly to tease him. After a bit of this, you heard him groan: “[F/N], please.” You righted yourself before climbing on top of him. He held your hips, and with his goading, you lowered yourself onto him. He filled you completely, and you bit your lip in pleasure. You let out a small moan and started to move, rocking in a steady pace.

Hoseok thrust his hips against yours as you rode him, and he pushed your rhythm faster. Your hands clutched his chest as you felt your core tightening. He completely took over the pace, pushing you to your limit. Your breathing was heavy and uncontrolled, and you could feel J-Hope getting close as his thrusts became more erratic. His mouth hung open in pleasure, and his moans went in time with your pants.

“H…Hoseok!” you gasped as you came around him. Your fists clenched as your body bowed. You felt J-Hope still beneath you, calling out your name as he finished. The two of you sat there trying to catch your breath for a moment. You disengaged yourself from him and laid down. He had a grin on his face, but before you could ask about it, he said:

“I think you can figure out a hip roll if you know how to move like that.”

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Can I request a cute and fluffy scenario where you and J-Hope/Jungkook take classes for soon to be parents?? Thank you sooooo much!! I love you!!! :)

Thanks for the request, Anon-nim!

“We’re going to teach you some methods of psychoprophylaxisafter a little break,” your instructor smiled. J-Hope sat behind you with his hands on your shoulders. He kissed the back of your head sweetly, making you grin.

“Hoseok, can you help me up?” you asked while touching your large stomach gently. He immediately went to help you, kneeling in front of you and bracing your arms so you could stand. Once you were on your feet, you leaned into him. You were grateful for his presence. He wrapped his arms around you in a surprised hug. He nuzzled your hair, making you laugh.

“Let’s get a snack, Yeobu,” he suggested, his face still against your hair. You nodded and pulled away from him. He took your arm, and as he led you down the hallway, you saw that he was bearing a big, dopey grin.

“You seem happy,” you remarked.

“Of course I am.” As if on cue, his smile grew bigger.

“And why’s that?”

“I’m married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and she’s going to have a baby,” he said as if stating the obvious. Your face turned a light pink, and you were unsure how to respond. He picked up a small granola bar from the communal snack table, where two of the other couples were. He twirled his arm upwards in a grand gesture to offer you the small snack. You giggled in reply, grabbing the package with both hands.

You unwrapped it quickly, taking an ungracefully large bite. Hoseok laughed at your over-happy face. You finished off the granola bar rather quickly, and your husband helped you hobble back to the classroom.

“Really, Yeobu,” he said seriously as he helped you back into your sitting position. “I’m so happy right now; I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m going to be a dad…” He glanced away, seemingly embarrassed. You noticed that his eyes were slightly red. Were those tears?

You stroked his face gently, and he leaned his cheek into your palm. He smiled a gorgeous, loving smile at you. The instructor made her way to the front of the room, indicating that she was ready to start. J-Hope scooted so he was sitting behind you again. He put his hands on your stomach carefully, and you laid yours over them.

“Now, I’m sure some of you are wondering what ‘psychoprophylaxis’ is; these are going to be methods to calm the mothers down in labor—a way to channel her thoughts away from her pain.”

You gulped nervously at the idea of the pain. As if being able to read your thoughts, Hoseok squeezed your hands reassuringly.

“One method is going to focus on the mother’s breathing.” The instructor demonstrated a breathing pattern for the women to practice, and the fathers in the room braced their wives’ shoulders. The exercise was over rather quickly, as the women caught on quickly to the routine. The instructor was impressed.

“The next method…”

The class went on, but your thoughts were filled with J-Hope’s tearful, happy face. It made you feel really bubbly; a wave of love swelled up in your chest. You felt your husband’s nose against your neck, followed soon after by a loving kiss. You smiled gently in return.

“…and it will be a good idea to get a distraction for the mothers,” the instructor was saying, “perhaps a picture or a stuffed animal—anything of importance. She will need to keep her mind off of the pain for proper breathing. Think on this, and I will see you all soon!” She dismissed the class.

Once again, J-Hope helped you onto your feet. He took your arm with his to lead you to the car. On your way there, though, a couple stopped you. The wife was small and shy, and she looked at you nervously and smiled. Hoseok was called away by the instructor, leaving you with the couple.

“I just wanted to tell you that you and your husband are really cute together; the way he looks at you is really sweet,” the woman said sheepishly. You blushed lightly and thanked her for the compliment. Hoseok was back shortly, and you waved goodbye to the pair. He slid your chair back, allowing you and your stomach to enter the car easily. Once he sat in the driver’s seat, he turned towards you.

“I think this was a really good idea,” he said happily.

“I agree,” you returned, touching your stomach. You felt like you and Hoseok would be really well prepared for your baby.

“The doctor said that it’s going to be a boy,” you murmured with a soft smile. His eyes widened, and his mouth made a small ‘o’ of wonder. His lips trembled a bit, and he started to cry a little.

“I love you, Yeobu. And I love our son,” he managed to get out. The whole display was making your eyes water, as well.

“I love you, too, Hoseok.”

Sorry I couldn’t make it longer ^^; <3 Bibi

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I was wondering if I could request separate smuts with Jimin and Jhope where it is your first time. I also wanted to say that you guys are my favorite blog I have come across and it would mean a lot if you replied!!! Thanks in advance! :)

Thank you for the compliment! It really means a lot!

Here’s the J-Hope one; Sugar is working on the Jimin half :)

You sighed gently against J-Hope’s lips as he lowered youonto your bed. He deepened the kiss, his warm hands slipping into your shirt suggestively. You wanted to turn him on, and in a moment of curiosity, you tentatively bit his lip. He gasped lightly in return, his hands tightening around your waist. He trailed kisses from your lips to your jaw, following it up to your ear before gently nipping the lobe. Your hands found his back, teasing the fabric of his shirt upwards.

Hoseok pulled his mouth away from yours to stare into your eyes questioningly.

“Jagi, do you want to…?” he trailed off, glancing back and forth from your eyes to your lips. You hesitated, biting your lip nervously. The answer was ‘yes’; you did want to have sex with him. However, you’d heard that it was going to hurt. The idea of pain scared you a little bit.

You looked back up at your boyfriend’s face; he was waiting for your answer. You knew if you said ‘no’, he wouldn’t go any further; that just made you surer. You nodded your assent, kissing his cheek shakily. He stood and went to his bag, pulling out a condom packet. He placed it on your nightstand and returned to you. He pulled your shirt up and off after removing his own, enabling him to kiss your collarbones.

He continued to unclip and remove your bra, and when he started to ease your pants down, it sent tingles down your stomach. You felt yourself getting wet from anticipation. Your pants were shimmied off, and as Hoseok brought his lips back to yours, you felt his gentle fingers brushing over the wet spot in your underwear. You gasped a bit as his fingers teased your clit, rubbing achingly slow circles over it to tease you. His ministrations grew quicker until you were panting; you desperately wanted him inside you at this point.

He finally pulled your underwear off and undid his pants. You gawked at his length as he palmed it, wondering a bit on how he was going to fit in you. He stroked himself a few times, clearly growing more aroused from looking down at you. Gripping the packet off of your nightstand, J-Hope opened it and rolled the condom on. He lifted up your legs against his ribs and positioned himself at your entrance.

“Are you sure, [F/N]?” Hoseok murmured. “You’re a virgin, right?”

You nodded up at him, chewing a bit on the joint in your index finger. You averted your eyes out of self-consciousness.

“I want you to be my first,” you said. “But Hoseok…”


“Will it hurt?”

He smiled down at you. “No, Jagi.” He leaned down and whispered sensually: “I’m going to make you feel great.”

Fire shot through your stomach, and he plunged into you. He was right; it didn’t hurt. You marveled and reveled in the fullness. He moved in and out of you slowly, allowing you to adjust to the new sensation. You clutched at his back to urge him to move faster. He complied, and you surprised yourself when you started moaning.

Hoseok grew rougher with his movements, and it only served to turn you on further. You felt a knot in your stomach building pressure as your climax mounted. You tightened your legs around your boyfriend’s sides, and his lips found your neck. He kissed and sucked that spot, gasping and panting along with you.

“Hoseok, I—!” you tried to call out, being cut off by your orgasm. Your fingers dug into his skin, your body shuddering as you came around him. He grunted out your name quickly afterwards, and he stilled above you.

Gasping for breath, Hoseok pulled out of you, disposing of the condom and lying next to you. He pulled you into his arms.

“Thank you, [F/N].”

“For what?” you asked sleepily, snuggling against him.

“For trusting me.”

“Of course,” you murmured in reply. The two of you fell asleep in each other’s arms.

<3 Admin Bibi

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A Secret Obsession-- J-Hope (Hoseok) Chapter One

Part 2

You straightened your blouse, checking to see if it waswrinkle-free. You smoothed out your flowing, knee-length skirt, and nodded at yourself in satisfaction. You were ready for work, extra hyper this morning.

You had started working at Big Hit about a month ago as a makeup noona’s understudy, and you had immediately became friends with the BTS members. You kept your obsession with them a secret, not wanting to alarm them. You had even pretended not to know who they were at first. You actually had a tattoo of “Bangtan Sonyeondan” in hangul on the small of your back. It was just a small one, and it reminded you of why you kept working every day.

There was one other factor, though: Hoseok. He was your bias before you had started working at Big Hit, and you jumped at the opportunity to become friends with him. If anything, your feelings had grown stronger. You loved seeing him every day; his smile made you feel so happy. You always felt so… strong because of him. But you had to maintain professionalism—at the very least, not show any trace of the fact that you were an ARMY.

You heard the knock of your eonni at the door, and you grabbed your things to leave. Your eonni was your best friend, and she was the one who was tutoring you in makeup. Her name was Nayeon, and she was the only one who knew about your feelings for J-Hope. She encouraged them, actually. She definitely approved, since Hoseok was a good person.

She drove you to Big Hit, giving you pointers on styles on your way there.

“How are you and Hoseok dongsaeng?” she winked when you guys entered the building. You blushed a little.

“Th-that… um…” you stammered.

“Nothing, huh?” she laughed. You grinned sheepishly. “Well, I have some work to do before I need you, so you can go see them for a bit.” You thanked her and almost skipped off towards their conference room. You peeked in, seeing all of the members laughing together and eating snacks. You knocked on the door before entering.

“[F/N]!” J-Hope called happily. You smiled back and sat a seat away from him. Everyone else greeted you, and Jin slowly pushed a snack in your direction. “Now that [F/N] is here, I’m going to have a real friend,” Hoseok sassed at them, clearly continuing their former conversation.

“Aw, you’re so mean Hopie-hyung!” V laughed in faux drama. You giggled quietly to yourself, not wanting to show how funny you thought the situation was. You jumped a little as you felt a hand on your shoulder. It was J-Hope, and he was staring at you intently.

“Say you’ll be my friend forever,” he said with a serious expression. Even though his face was stern, you could see his lips twitching from holding back a smile. What was even going on?

“Uh, yea,” you answered shakily. “I’ll be your friend forever?”

“Good,” he grinned, turning back to the other members.

“Is this because we were making fun of you?” Jimin looked as confused as you felt. “But your face really does look like a horse!”

J-Hope clutched his chest and flopped back into his chair. “Your words hurt me!”

You couldn’t hold back your laughter anymore. You almost doubled over, covering your mouth with your hand. J-Hope started laughing with you, and the other members had big smiles on their faces.

Even though you hadn’t been there that long, Nayeon found the conference room and called you out. You stood to leave, grabbing the snack that Jin offered you and walking away. Before you reached the door, J-Hope jogged up to you, catching you by your hand and making your heart flutter.

“[F/N],” he said to get your attention. You turned to look at him, trying to get the surprised look off of your face. “Don’t ever change.” He tried to be serious once again, but this time, a smile broke his façade. He squeezed your hand once before he let go, returning to the other members. Your heart pounded in your chest, conflicted by him holding your hand and telling you not to change.

You overthought the issue heavily while you were returning with Nayeon to the makeup room. Does that mean he doesn’t want to be more than friends? That had to be it. You tried to shun the thought away with the memory of his warm hand wrapped around yours.

You gently touched the tattoo on the small of your back, as it had become a comfort for you. You wondered idly what he would think if he knew if you were an ARMY. Would he be happy? Or weirded out? It could totally backfire. You knew you had to keep quiet, especially if you were going to be his friend forever, like you promised.

This is a tentative chapter one! I think I’ll keep doing it, but I’m going to see if you guys like it :3

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lmao oh boy

Jin: *teasing* “Do ya need me to slow down?”

Suga: *turned on even more* 

Namjoon: *smirks* Damn girl. 

J-Hope: *surprised* “Aish, where did this come from?!”

Jimin: *confident chimchim*

V: *is probably just as loud as you are so doesn’t notice*

Jungkook: *proud of himself* 

~ admin ariel

#防弹少年团##jhope# 어머니 아버지 제 인생을 미리 아셨군요 [哈哈][哈哈] 낳아 주시고 키워주시고 꿈을 향해 적극 지원해주셔서 감사합니다 사랑합니다 #益起来爱她# @微公益

#BangtanBoys##jhope# As if Mum and dad knew about my life in advance [Haha][Haha] Thank you for giving birth to me, raising me and supporting my dreams actively. I love you. #Let’sLoveHerTogether# @微公益

(T/N: The Weibo account @微公益 translates to Wei-PublicWelfare. ‘Wei’ comes from the site, ‘Weibo’. 益起, where 益 comes from 公益 meaning ‘Public Welfare’, has the same pronunciation as 一起 which means together. It’s a play on words) 

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans