Malcolm knows the best way to tell a funny joke is is to explain all the elements to your audience. 

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It’s been about 6 years that I have been aimlessly working on this book, these characters, trying to make them more then just these 2d images.
And after 6 years I’ve done it, I’ve drawn every single just to be able to get to this point.

Into The Labyrinth will soon, with the help of @the-awesome-cabbage and @poetry-apologies, be out to read in both Comic form and Written form.

Here is a small excerpt from the book to read.

“I guess this is it. “ Sentry said craning his neck to look up at the tall building that towered in front of them. He glanced nervously down at Syukkä, taking slight reassurance at her presence. Sentry walked stiffly to the building’s entrance, and grabbed the metal handle, feeling the perspiration on the inside of his palms. He took a deep breath and pulled the door open, stepping inside. The lobby was poorly constructed, and the smell of dust and mildew was stagnant in the air. Obviously not one of the fancy newer buildings. Several of his classmates cluttered the small room, chatting in their individual groups, their Kyos close by. He looked around scanning their faces, thinking about who he’d be able to take in a fight. Eventually one individual caught his eye, one he was sorely used to picking out of a crowd, normally for the sole purpose of avoiding him. Ren and his right-hand man, or woman technically, Onyx were engaged in their usual snide run of jokes, ranking each student on a scale from one to ten who would be easiest to take out. Sentry quickly turned away from the vulgar conversation. As he did, a familiar mask popped into his vision through the crowd. It covered their entire face, a painted smile showing only pointed teeth on the bottom half.
“You know Narior, I’ve never understood that smile that’s painted on your mask.” Sentry spoke up, drawing nearer. Secretly he was hoping for any conversation that would distract him from what was in store. He was careful to take note of her Kyo sitting by her feet, careful not to step on its striped tail as he did so. Nariors Kyo Akira was nice but Sentry wasn’t about to take a chance with a full sized tiger. Narior looked over at Sentry, her mask of course giving away nothing. Sometimes it really creeped him out.
“I just want to make sure everyone knows how happy I am,” she replied dryly . He couldn’t even tell a hundred-percent if it was sarcasm or not. “The human brain finds that one single unchanging expression is unreadable. It creates unease and fear. Like you right now,” she added still facing him. Sentry swallowed feeling embarrassed, he hated when she did that. Around Narior, one’s mind was never just their own. “Sorry, you’re an open book Sentry, it’s hard not to pick up on your thoughts,” she explained patting him on the shoulder. Sentry was about to reply when he heard his name from behind him followed by an outburst of laughter.
He practically knew who it was before he even turned around. He felt Syukkä bristle beside him, and he looked to see none other than Ren. He was perched on the back of a bench, his fox Kyo, Nonké, coiled over his shoulders like some sort of fashion statement. Onyx was leaned against the arm of the bench, using the back of her hand to try and stifle her laughter. Laying stretched across the entire length of the bench was her Kyo, Lierix, a black panther, whose pelt matched her name and probably even her soul. When the two noticed he was glaring in their direction they stopped laughing, and flashed him cheeky smiles, waving innocently.
“Tsk,” Sentry grit his teeth together and flipped the two a finger, wishing he could stomp over there and smack the smiles right off their faces. Ren gasped in mock hurt, and flipped him off right back, using both his fingers. Sentry narrowed his eyes at him. Arrogant prick.
Suddenly without warning, the sharp sound of a microphone ringing filled the room, making the majority of the Kyos wince. By the time the microphone interference faded the lobby was silent, and all the students were seemingly paying close attention. A stern feminine voice with a heavy accent boomed from the overhead speakers, and all eyes were gazing up at the ceiling.
“Attention students, at this time you are all required to make your way to room 13. Repeat all students required to report to room number 13.”
Sentry clenched his fists, his nervousness washing over him like a violent ocean torrent. He wasn’t ready for this, he knew what some, if not most, of these people could do, especially Ren. His classmates began to file towards the door on the right of the old receptionists desk and his heart leapt into his throat. Sentry jumped as he felt a hand smack his back. Startled he looked over to see Ren. He gave Sentry the thumbs up before walking towards the gate. Feeling sick, Sentry was about to file in just behind Ren, when a huge dark shape cut him off, Lierix. The panther cast him a piercing green sidelong glance that either meant drop dead or good luck, he couldn’t say. Behind Lierix was of course Onyx, who snapped her fingers and pointed finger guns at him. Sentry wished for a moment he could be as confident as them. Then again, he remembered they were only so confident because they were goddamn insane.
The group of teenagers stayed silent as they were escorted by a tall adult Kan down a long dimly lit hallway. The white linoleum floor was dingy looking, seeming more gray than white. The sounds of worn boots and various paw steps, echoed eerily down the hall. Sentry felt a cold sweat break over his forehead and he wondered if it was too late to ask for a bathroom break.
Finally they drew to a stop, and a huge steel reinforced door hissed as it slid open. One by one they entered the room. Before he even crossed the threshold, the smell that wafted from the room turned his stomach sour. The smell of drying blood hung in the air so thick he felt like gagging. Sentry covered his nose with his sleeve in an attempt to avoid the stench.
Walking through the room was like walking through a slaughter house. While no bodies were left in the enclosed arena, blood splattered on the walls and ground painted the scene of their last moments of life.
“Well, it’s good to know that they’ve heard of spring cleaning,” said Narior as she walked up beside him. Sentry didn’t say anything, afraid that if he opened his mouth he’d vomit. Syukkä brushed against his leg reassuringly, though her fur was standing end. The room was filled with small concrete walls, boxes and even sandbags. It looked more like a paintball arena than a death trap. Sentry shaded his eyes, looking up at the domed ceiling. It looked like plexiglass, and when he looked closer he saw an audience, their faces turned downwards to stare into the arena. Wonderful.
A less stern voice suddenly chimed in from above, instructing each contestant to take their place on the raised platforms in the middle of the room, their voice bouncing off the cold concrete walls. The lights went out, slamming them into pitch black. Overhead lights turned on one by one, casting light to reveal each stone tablet. Sentry gazed around the room, following Narior before stepping up to his own platform. He tallied each student in his head as they stepped into their spotlights. All twelve were present.
Sentry studied the faces of each opponent, wondering if they were as nervous as he was. His stomach felt like it was in a thousand knots. Quickly he took mental note of the positions of who he would do best to avoid, as well as attempting to take in his surroundings again. But, with the harsh spotlights all he could see was gray that bled to pure black. He guessed they didn’t want them seeing much of their environment.
The woman’s voice from the lobby came over the intercom once again, startling everyone in the room.
“Attention, from this moment forward you are all required to follow this set of rules. Failure to comply will result in death.
One; No one is to leave your current positions until the bell rings.
Two; No one is to try and retreat from this arena.
Three; There is no attacking the spectators.
Students in violation of these rules with be shot on sight. Everything else is allowed, no skill, no weapon is off limits.”
Everyone casted glances at each other, already some vying for dominance, others looking like deer caught in headlights. Sentry shifted from foot to foot, adrenalin pouring through his veins. His eyes darted from left to right, trying to find a place he could get to quickly and avoid a good amount of the chaos.