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Dean Winchester Smut- In the Clouds

A/N- I havent gone to school today or monday bc im sick and wanted to watch spn and write, so i mean, education first? 

    Even on the way to the airport, Dean had been shaky, his whole body and his voice. Touching him when he wasn’t looking at you made him jump.

   Sitting next to him, you were watching him as his head was back and he hummed, his leg tapping fast. He hadn’t touched you, his hands were focused on squeezing the arm rests. You tried hard to ignore the pool in between your legs, just by the look of him. The way his shoulders went smoothly down to his fit arms, to his hands that worked wonders on your body.

    An image passed through your mind of earlier that week when he bent you over the counter in the bathroom because he couldn’t wait for the shower. You rubbed your thighs together through your jeans, hoping for friction.

   Dean noticed, but didn’t say anything, he just clenched his jaw. “If we weren’t on a fucking plane..” Dean said through gritted teeth. Smirking on the inside, you rested your hand on his knee, starting slow.

  “Baby..” Dean warned. The plane had completely taken off, and the flight was smooth, but Dean hadn’t calmed. “Deep breaths baby..” You said, smiling up at him seductively. Dean clenched his jaw again, looking at you.

   Squeezing, your hand traveled to the top of his thigh. Dean Let out a groan through gritted teeth, and you felt him go semi hard. Cupping him through his jeans, you slowly Palmed him, listening to his breathing go uneven. “Y/N…” Dean warned, looked at you. “Yes?” You asked innocently, looking at him.

      “Meet me in the bathroom..” Dean said before scrambling to get up and speed to the bathroom. A few minutes later, you went to the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind you.

    Immediately, Dean lifted you up, setting you on the little counter. “I want you… Now Dean…” You moan lightly, your head going back against the wall. Dean’s hands worked your pants off, immediately seeing the soaking wet puddle between your legs. “I haven’t even touched you…” Dean said, completely focused on you.

    You groaned, fiddling with his belt and pushing his pants and boxers down. Dean’s manhood stood tall, begging for attention. Dripping pre cum, you wrapped your hands around his shaft, slowly pumping him. Pulling you closer to him, Dean wrapped  your legs around his waist, pushing your panties to the side, he slowly glided into you. Your walls opened for him, clenching at the pleasure. You both groaned out, Dean’s lips meeting yours in a slow kiss.

    Dean’s thrusts were slow, forcing you to feel every centimeter he owned. You moaned, his hot hands going up your shirt to cup your breasts. Your back arched, the knot in your stomach started to build. Holding Dean’s shoulder, you leaned forward, kissing his jaw. Dean caught your lips before you leaned back, kissing your soft lips. Dean bit down softly on your bottom lip, pulling slightly. “Fuck you’re so big..” You moaned pornographically, your mouth open as you caught your breath. 

     His thrusting picked up a slightly faster pace, Dean chasing his high. Moaning out, you came harshly, clenching around his cock, your juices falling on him. Dean began to go faster, your body a withering mess under him. Cumming, Dean emptied himself on your walls, the hot cum causing you to cum once more. “God you feel amazing..” Dean moaned, pulling you close and putting his head in your neck. 


    Walking out of the rest room, you fixed your hair, Dean still in there. Taking your seat, you waited for Dean to come out. Sitting down, Dean got shaky again, the plane hitting turbulence.  "There’s no bumps in the air..“ Dean turned to you, his eyes fearful, his hand squeezing yours. "There’s only a few more hours..” You said giggling, flagging down the flight attendant.

The Raudive Diode Receiver Modernized For Smartphones and Laptops

An updated design from Stray Technologies of the diode receiver used by Konstantin Raudive to collect Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).  The modernized design incorporates capacitor and resistor and audio jacks enabling the device to be used with smartphones and laptops


Four assembled Raudive Diode “EVP” (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Receiver.  Courtesy of Stray Technologies