[ Logan had been more than a little overwhelmed as of late. Between his dad, the bonfire, Juliette and his big, fat mouth he hadn’t really had much time to do damage control. In fact, ‘damage control’ wasn’t even something he was familiar with. The messes he caused were usually epic, Instagramed and filtered but this… He didn’t know. Isobel however had always been on his mind, throughout it all. Of course she was. And he hadn’t forgotten the slip of his tongue to Charlotte and the heavy, selfish weight on his heart. He just wanted it to be okay but recent events had forced him to realise that putting the pieces back together didn’t always go so well. ]


Would you believe that I didn’t just invite you out to talk this new hat and your hella Louboutins—are those the ones with the red soles?—or uh, what?