C.KHiD - Infinite [ official music video ]

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produced by: J.Dope Beats

Mastered / Engineered by Dresmore/Carlos Paez at Premier Studios (NYC) and Tree Sounds (ATL)

A video inspired by the Wolf of Wall Street movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio (as Jordan Belfort).  Filmed in Jersey City, NJ.  Directed by Exhibition Z films.  To find out who the young Gabrielle Union is, check WorldstarHipHop comments for her name.

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“Grifter, hitter, hacker, thief. You’re all trying to solve your version of the crime instead of just trying to…solve the crime. There’s a reason we work together.” 

INFINITE as a team consists of several people who use their skills to fight corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens.

  • The Mastermind: Sunggyu
    the planner, the strategizer, the brain of the team, and the one who created the team. rarely goes into the field unless it’s absolutely necessary because he’s too lazy he enjoys working from behind the scene too much. he steps in for real when his teammates are in real dangers or when his teammates screw up real bad (and sungyeol can’t fix that). 
  • The Hacker: Sungyeol
    the team’s computer specialist and hacker. he calls himself the savior too because when his teammates get into trouble, he’s usually the one who has to rescue them. actually good everything else but because he is the only one who can hack and an expert at technology, he mainly works behind the computer. works with sunggyu in strategizing because they both works behind the scene, likes to screw up sunggyu’s plan a little because he thinks it’s boring if everything always goes according to the plan.
  • The Grifters: Woohyun & Myungsoo
    the con artists that assumes an alias and runs a con on a unsuspecting mark.  they’re really good at going undercover and woohyun is also good at fighting while myungsoo used to steal before learning how to con to help woohyun. when the plans go awry they’re usually the first people who will be in trouble (meaning: they are the ones who get beaten up or kidnapped). sometimes they work together, but there are also times where they work alone. when they work alone, myungsoo lets woohyun takes the lead.
  • The Hitters: Dongwoo & Hoya
    the team’s highly skilled martial artists and weapons experts. they’re the ones who watch over Woohyun and Myungsoo in case things go awry. often they also join them in acting and conning, though dongwoo’s partake is minimized because he is awful at acting. both of them are skilled in various martial artists and is known of being effective when fighting. there is a rumor that dongwoo managed to take down 6 gunmen while watching pororo on his phone and that hoya makes his opponents confused by making bad puns before hitting them when they’re confused.
  • The Thief: Sungjong
    an expert thief, cat-burglar, pickpocket, and safe-cracker. going though a level 3 security, cracking open safes, stealing credit cards, breaking into buildings quietly—he can do almost everything related to stealing and he finds them thrilling. he works a lot with sungyeol to steal informations. sometimes he steals his teammates’ stuffs without them realizing just to annoy them when they annoy him.