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I was looking up the etymology for Succubus and Incubus to find a gender neutral term, and I found your post. From what I can tell, Incubus comes from in+cubare, Latin for "to lie upon" and succubus from sub+cubare, Latin for "to lie beneath." Using this knowledge, I made the term Procubus, which should be the equivalent of "to lie beside." I thought to share it with you, in hopes that you may find it useful.

Hey this is a really interesting concept to consider!  Also takes away the sexism that incu/succubus connotate.  Thanks,


Perelesnyk (aka litavets). A figure in Ukrainian folk mythology and demonology akin to an incubus. He was believed to fly in the shape of a fiery dragon or young man, to enter homes through chimneys, doors, or windows, and to seduce women by assuming the appearance of a deceased spouse or lover.

The perelesnyk has a female counterpart, perelesnytsia, but she rarely appears in Ukrainian folk mythology.

Seduce Me Otome: Close Your Eyes With Me

I really couldn’t resist doing this one after listening to this song.

It seemed really perfect for Erik, so, to all you Erik fans, it seems that yep, you’ll have TWO fics to read..the other one (which the teaser is about!) will be coming out later seeing as my muse is having a ball (it’s getting longer than the first one featuring James.). Enjoy! :)

Rating: T. (Don’t worry, the M-rated one will be the next one haha.)

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The signs as incubus songs
  • Aries: Redefine
  • Taurus: Black Heart Inertia
  • Gemini: In The Company Of Wolves
  • Cancer: Wish You Were Here
  • Leo: Sick Sad Little World
  • Virgo: Make Yourself
  • Libra: Megalomaniac
  • Scorpio: Summer Romance (Anti Gravity Love Song)
  • Sagittarius: Warning
  • Capricorn: Love Hurts
  • Aquarius: Brandon Boyd's entire solo album
  • Pisces: Ben Kenney's entire solo career