PJO/HOO Characters as Fall Out Boy lyrics
  • Percy:"I'll keep you like an oath, may nothing but death do us part"
  • Annabeth:"You will remember me, remember me for centuries"
  • Hazel:"Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold"
  • Frank:"I'll be the watcher, of the eternal flame"
  • Jason:"when Rome's in ruins, we are the lions free of the coliseums"
  • Piper:"You look so pretty but you're gone so soon"
  • Leo:"Light em' up, I'm on fire"
  • Nico:"I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way"
  • Reyna:"I can move mountains I can work a miracle"
  • Will:"They're your wounds but they're my sutures"
  • Bianca:"We could be immortals, just not for long"

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i am sorry to disturb you, but have you answered questions on immortal characters?

You’re not disturbing anything, friend. We have indeed answered questions on immortal characters before:

Here are some further resources to help you out:

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“It really warms my heart to see how much my little sister admires Honey Lemon and Gogo Tomago. When I took her to see the movie for the first time, she started crying during Immortals (when the team is making their gear) I quietly asked her what was wrong and she just pointed at the screen and said that she was inspired. I started crying myself. Big Hero 6 inspired her that she could do anything if she sets her mind to it and works hard with passion. Big Hero 6 is now our special movie”