Thing I just realized

If Howard and Maria Stark died on December 16th, 1991, and the opening shots of Tony in his workshop take place on the night of December 18th/very early in the morning December 19th, then when JARVIS says, “Sir, may I remind you that you’ve been awake for nearly 72 hours,” he’s saying that Tony hasn’t been able to sleep since the anniversary of his parents’ deaths.


EXPLANATION TIME: i have a love/hate relationship with im3 and I read this awesome headcanon somewhere saying that the movie was intentionally full of one-liners and snark (a bit too jarring imo, esp in more serious scenes) because Tony himself was the one narrating the movie to Bruce (i.e. us, the audience), and it would be so like Tony to talk about his own near-death experiences/horrible events in his life with as much glib and snark as possible. 

SO I took the liberty of expanding the hc to think that Tony himself was an unreliable narrator, and left out a few things in the story. Because Tony Stark is a jerk, but he also has a heart.

(Additionally: Harley wasn’t surprised when Tony didn’t fall for his guilt trip; in fact he pretty much expected it, as from previous experiences of abandonment. So when Tony did come back, Harley was amazed and kept his mouth shut the entire drive home)

Imagine, for a second, that you are Jarvis.

You are everywhere with Tony Stark. You are his most constant companion. You build with him, you talk with him, you fly with him. Hell, flight is probably the most important thing you do with him–you fly right alongside his thoughts, keep up with his brilliant mind at the speed of neurons firing in a way that no one else can, you are the only one to match his mind’s shine because he made you that way, he made you to challenge him; you are the only one to fly with him through the air, curled protectively around him, inhabiting the armor and containing him like you are his second skin.

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