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I think one issue the aokaga would have in their relationship would be commitment??? Not like they're not ready to be together but maybe Kagami has trouble giving up his indepence and relying on other ppl? Maybe Aomine has trouble giving some of the freedoms he's used to( I don't have anything in mind for this specifically but) and like I think that's where the main arguments would come from bc in relationships you gotta make sacrifices to make it work

Mah, I don’t know anon I don’t think that’d be too much of a problem to be completely honest with you

Aomine and Kagami both are… cats. They’re cats, in the way they act and live, and that makes them very independent and in need of their own spaces, and since it’s a thing that’s true for both of them it wouldn’t be too hard for them to understand it

Actually, the fact that they both are used to be, uhm, free makes the match even better imho - the type of problem you’re talking about would happen in case you paired them up with, I dunno, Kise or Momoi or Takao. Those are people that need constant attention from a lover, and Aomine and Kagami aren’t made for that kind of stuff. But well, neither Aomine nor Kagami is like that - they’ll be all over each other one moment and have no clue what the other is doing the next. And that’s good. That’s how they want it.

Of course at first they’d need to find a rhythm to settle into - it happens that Kagami is in one of his “don’t touch me” moods and Aomine just wants to cuddle or stuff like that, but once they learn each other’s boundaries and rhythm there wouldn’t be any problem at all… also after a while they learn to be alone while they’re together - like, they’ll be in the same room, maybe even holding hands or cuddling or resting their backs against each other, and they’ll do their own thing and won’t even talk for the whole afternoon. It happens.

(still, the more time passes the more they mold around one another, and in the end they’re pretty much always together)(but we were talking about the early days of their relationship so whatever haha)

can you imagine if ishida adds in that haise has a pepe poster or smthn in the manga somewhere