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Hi, if you've taken the time to to read this, thank you! My name is Jemmima and the picture you see is a very special friend of mine, her name is Lola. When I was 6 years old I'd begged my mum for a sister, I had two brothers and no-one to play with, so she said to me: 'What do you want more, a...

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female characters i love [ 3/∞ ]
          heather chandler
played by kim walker in heathers

‘you were nothing before you met me. you were playing barbies with betty finn. you were a bluebird. you were a brownie. you were a girl scout cookie. i got you into a remington party, what’s my thanks? it’s on a hallway carpet. i got paid in puke.’



WED JULY 13 - 9:00 PM

#SandyStillSpeaks - Candlelight vigil for Sandra Bland

Federal Plaza, 50 W Adams St

We want to constantly uplift our Sisters who we’ve lost to soon, no less at the hands of State violence. We have to share love and light with one another as we attempt to heal and find reconciliation in these hard times. Please join us in paying tribute to and memorializing Sandra Bland with her family and friends, Ase! #SayHerName #SandyStillSpeaks #BlackLoveMatters #BlackLivesMatter

Salgo sul bus e inaspettatamente mi ritrovo come sottofondo una piacevole melodia jazz, una di quelle che starebbe benissimo in Twin Peaks.
Mi siedo vicino a una signora che scandisce il tempo picchiettando le dita sulla borsetta.
Dopo un po’ mi giro verso di lei e dietro i suoi occhiali scuri mi fa: “Lo sente il ritmo?”



THU APR 21 - 7:00 PM

3510 South Michigan Avenue

SayHerName Teach In & Rally

Month after month community members attend the Chicago Police Board meeting in hopes that their grievances will be heard and resolved. BYP 100 Chicago has been present at these meeting for close to a year, demanding the firing of Dante Servin with no pension in response to him murdering Rekia Boyd, a 22 year old Black woman. With the release of the Chicago police Task Force report this week it has become extremely clear that we are not being heard. We ask that you join us Thursday, April 21st at Chicago’s Police Headquarters to learn what the Police Taskforce report means to getting justice for Rekia Boyd, and the safety of Black people in Chicago. We hope you can come out and build with us to make our city safer for us all.