Open Rp II Valentines Day?

Walking around the city bored the fox could see the couples here and there even when going to the mall.A sigh came from her lips as she walked on twords who knows.Her tail swayed to and fro with her thoughts of random things.

“Everyone is on a date or too busy for me..what do I do?” going out to a place for food would only end in her seeing people on dates.“Oh this is too much!” going off to find a place to stay the fox stopped in front of a karaoke place thinking.“What about this?” they have cake plus other foods so she remembered hearing.

A Flower by Another Name (Closed @ askweisswolf)

A year together and they were more united than ever and, more importantly, the sex was still mindblowing.

Weiss had quickly come out of her shell regarding these things, as soon as she hit eighteen - Sable was particularly proud of the fact that she managed to wait that long to finally take the girl to her bed - and things were going great.

Beyond great, really. She was only faintly aware of the distant chiming of her scroll when Weiss finally let her up. She felt sensitive, and her body, bare and sweaty, was still giving shivers and faint twitches from a particularly intense bout of pleasure.

She pressed a kiss to the wolf’s lips before sitting up, and taking the call, not bothering to check who was calling.

“Sable, darling, it’s me.”

She blinked, ears falling back, hiding amidst her hair, “M-mom?” She asked, half breathless, half surprised, her mother rarely ever called.

“You sound a tad breathless, are you alright?”

The conversation went on, Weiss’ ears only able to capture Sable’s side.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” Rushed, as the feline regained her composure, cheeks a deep scarlet even as the woman on the other end shrugged it off, and went on.

“How is Griselda, darling? Are you two back together yet?”

A low huff, “I… no, I already told you, mom, we haven’t talked in years-”

“Hm, is there someone new, then?”

“ Ah… yes, but-”

“Well, why didn’t you tell us, sweetie? You know we want to be more involved. Why don’t you come visit?”

“… Are you sure?” A pause.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

A tired sigh, “Alright. Ah, tell dad I miss him.”

“…You know how he gets…”

A vague stiffening of her shoulders, “Alright, take care.”

Brad stood outside his apartment complex, shivering in the cold wind. He lit the cigarette he had between his lips and took a long drag. Scanning the faces of people that walked about.

Tatara stared up at the halo over his head, flicking it to test whether it would stay or not; it did. Now that he was his normal age, his wings were a lot larger than before, though they kept there pure white gleam. Spreading them out completely, he was able to admire them better with a content smile. “This isn’t so bad..”


Having accepted the situation of being tied to a cold, stone column of the Order, Lavi really could only wait until someone happened to walk by for some help. He really shouldn’t have pissed Kanda off with that Valentines Day doodle…


He looked around, completely unsure of where he was. 

…There were screens and keyboards, and buttons and papers and …. just a general mess. He was dressed funny… 

and he was stuck on the floor. 

Well this was…pathetic.