Eden was in her bed, underneath multiple blankets, hugging her plushies. When Greed had tucked her in she had seemed fine, but now she was getting tense, whimpering in her sleep.

The air was stale. Hot and humid, but unmoving. The only sounds in her ears were the low hum of machines and her own breaths, which sounded shaky in her ears. There was a constant pressure around her neck, she let out a whine and suddenly there was a jolt and white hot pain assaulted her nerves. Where’s Dad and Papa? Where am I? Eden thought, frantically, whimpering softly as she panted for breath. She opened her eyes and her unfocused vision was almost too hazy to see her surroundings, but she recognized enough. Her breathing picked up, fear flooding her veins.

The sound of a metal door opening was no new noise to her, but it was unwelcome. The sound of boots clicking on the floor made her gulp. She clenched her eyes shut as she heard the door of the cage she was in open, yelped as her hair was grabbed and she was yanked out.

The face of her nightmares was suddenly in her face, the head scientist smirking at her. “You may have escaped once, but you won’t again, little fox. You wouldn’t have anywhere to run to, since we killed your little ‘family.’” He growled in her face, starting to drag her out-

Eden awoke with a scream, only recently healed hands clawing at her throat, leaving angry red lines

The Results


There was a light knock on the door - the door that separated the room Sans and Papyrus were in from the rest of the house. It was strange, though, because no one had announced that they’d be coming or that they’d have arrived. No one even opened the front door to enter.

Briefly after the first few knocks, however, a voice followed… a voice that Sans would be a little less fond of than most.

But, it’s probably not his most hated voice right now.

* “Sans. Are you in there?”

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“Ah? You want to learn how to be an arcanist?” Aleryth asked Papalymo, looking up from the enormous tome she was pouring over. “Ah, well, I can see why you would come to me!” she said brightly, taking off her reading glassing. “It really isn’t so hard, it’s all about teamwork!”

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"Hey Meri... how's it going?" It Ivan.

Meri turned around with a smile, fangs clearly showing. “Things are a bit weird, but it’s not bad.”

The weird feeling from before was stronger now… it caused Meri’s smile to falter a bit. She didn’t understand what was going on. She was hungry sure, but this was different. And looking at Ivan there was just this feeling. Not happiness like she normally felt. It was closer to anger… 

She wanted to hurt Ivan. 

Her eyes widened. She… actually wanted to hurt Ivan. She had never wanted to do that before, not even once. This hunger… it wasn’t a good thing, not at all. She needed to get out of there. She wouldn’t hurt him, she wouldn’t hurt any of them!

“S-sorry, just realized I need to go meet with someone and I’m running late!” 

She tried to play off how odd she was acting, quickly getting ready to go. Whatever this magic was, it made her want to hurt him and… do something else that was terrible. Now she knew why she couldn’t tell why she was hungry before. With the fangs it should have been so obvious…

“ Hey, I have a small favor to ask…Could you destroy my physical form? I want to see if I can regenerate and come back as a man. I’m doing this for scientific purposes only and not just because I’m bored. “