We’re in a world now where it’s not enough to be smart. You have to be curious. Curiosity is rare. That level of intelligence is rare. Probably the further up in a business you are, the less intelligent you need to be. At the entry stage, the sieve grows ever tighter and education can only do so much. The truth is we don’t manufacture that many really smart people.

U.S. Hands off Ukraine! No War with Russia

Why is Washington trying to impose a neo-Nazi gov’t on Ukraine?

The U.S. has spent at least $5 billion to install a neo-Nazi coup government in Ukraine. Congress and the Obama administration have promised the coup leaders $10 billion more.

Wall Street wants to control the country’s oil and gas pipelines. NATO wants military bases on the border of Russia.

We say NO!

We stand with the anti-fascist resistance of the Ukrainian people who reject the coup in Kiev.

Russia is acting only to defend itself. Russia is not the aggressor in Ukraine; the U.S. is.

International Action Center