Kryta - Divinity’s Reach - Rurikton
Scholar #1: Find anything good?
Scholar #2: Yes! I found some rather remarkable scrolls about a group of adventurers some centuries ago.
Scholar #2
: They escaped Ascalon right before the Searing, crossed the Kingdom of Kryta, joined and betrayed the White Mantle, and even faced a lich lord!
Scholar #1:
Wow. Maybe someday, we’ll meet heroes like that.


johnnygweir A taste of my new program by Kenji Miyamoto. ☺️

A little throwback to Johnny’s lovely program “Human”

Caretaker Fanart Week

Day 0 - Charataker
Day 1 - The Last Soul
Day 2 - (…)

I drew the sketch of this art a week ago, it was from my theory about comic.
The theory was that Chara still wanted to realize them plan to collect human souls to free the monsters, but instead of killing themselves for Asriel to absorb them soul, they preferred to go to the ruinas, wherethey would wait for humans to collect their souls.

Recently in the comic this theory seems to have been confirmed the part of collect the souls, but it may be that Minty, Ellipsis and Nacho have prepared a surprise for us, hehe.

Chara of @caretaker-au created by @mintyfreshdoodles and @nochocolate 


Hello!!! I have a new video! This time is about doing relaxed poses, not crazy poses like jumping while kicking someone, but sitting relaxed, or waiting the bus, or something like that. If you like it, please share it! Thanks!