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PT: “Olá, pessoal, estou aqui no aeroporto. Vamos fazer uma segunda viagem. Estou aqui com o meu parceiro Ricky. Tou aqui com o bicho, com o meu bicho aqui atrás, o meu irmao ali a olhar para mim. Hugo, como é que é?? Heeeeyyyy”

ENG: “Hey, guys, I’m here at the airport. We’re going to travel a second time. I'm here with my partner Ricky. I'm here with the “bicho”, with my “bicho” behind me, my brother over there looking at me. Hugo, what’s up?? Heeeeyyyy” 

863. After the war Ron enters into the auror office and loves it. But then Rose is born, and he loves her more than anything in the world, and going to work is so hard all of a sudden, but Ron manages. Then Hugo is born a few years later, and Ron just can't leave them any longer. He becomes a stay at home dad, taking his kids to play Quidditch and to play dates with the Potters and to shopping trips in Diagon Alley. He loves every second he has with his little girl and best buddy.

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One of…several random OCs that are starting to accumulate. .  _  .
I was contemplating the idea of a boy named Hugo, mentally corrupted by the gruesome murder of his twin sister who turns to a life of serial killing and cannibalism to somehow justify, idealize, and help him cope with the situation his sister was put in. Something about…certain people being too pure to exist on Earth and needing to be killed as means to help them escape, then their corpses needing to be consumed to take that person’s sins and burdens onto oneself so they can have a burden-free life after death. 

If I ever went on to develop the idea more. I’d call the project Antoinette. Because it’s what Hugo always calls his victims. (Antoinette being his sister’s name.)


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The last one tho

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a blessing, i’m telling you