Doodled some Dagur the deranged. Actually intended this to be a rough and work on something ELSE of his thats waiting to be colored. Yaaay procrastination.

Have to send my computer in today tho, so I’m not gonna be able to finish anything else until I get it back ;;

Originally this had someone else bandaging his arm and thats why the pose but hnnnnn

anonymous asked:

Do you have some headcanons of how rufflout got together? And what was tuffs reaction on snotlouts interest in his sister and the whole rufflout dating?

Ahhh, Rufflout. Y’know I started out as a Rufflegs shipper— it’s true— I thought that Ruffnut needed a partner that’d soften her hard edges. But then I realized more and more that she doesn’t just need someone who’s soft and squishy, she needs someone who can take her shit

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