Human!Toothless ???¿?
Hell yeah!
I’m designing the Toothless hoddie and Koibito will help me sewing it ( because I can’t afford buying it :’D )

This is Berk (Berk National Anthem)
Giselle Taraboletti
This is Berk (Berk National Anthem)

I’m not sure if Berk has a canon anthem, but I wanted to try my hand at one anyway. I used the first minute of “This is Berk” for the melody. 


On the coldest nights
We’ll keep burning bright
Our flag will stand tall

From mountain peaks to under the sea
I’ll sing with great pride of my homeland
And carry the Berk name with me
Though I may journey far away

Strong as dragons’ wings
Enduring as a stone
Berk survives forevermore
And I shall do the same