HTR: Season Opening Ceremony

“There is someone you want to kill at any cost. It does not matter the motive behind it. For instance, it could be that person killed your lover, or your objective is that person’s assets. Either way, you have to kill that person no matter what. Now then, what would you do?”

The job applicants all together were dumbfounded at the interviewer’s wild question. They are clad in new suits without one wrinkle in them and have their backs perfectly straight, but their mouths are wide open in shock.

What did he say just now? Kill someone? I misheard, right? Everyone there thought that.

“If it was you, how would you kill someone?” The interviewer repeated back. It seems they did not mishear him.

How would you kill someone, he says? I can’t think of it. I shouldn’t think of it. If he had seriously thought of doing such a thing, right now he would not be at an interview but in prison.

Saitou eagerly forces his not-working mind to work and thought. What is the purpose of this question? What is being asked?

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Haiti Takes Root: a partnership to reforest Haiti

Trees are critical. Two hundred years ago, Haiti’s mountainous slopes were covered with dense forests, tropical hardwoods, fruit trees, and valuable crops. Since then, tree cover has decreased to ~30%. This massive deforestation is the result of a complex interplay of historic, economic, social, and ecological factors. These factors have caused drought and famine in one part of the world while causing environmental degradation in another.

Photo by Michael Muller

It is in response to the strain on local agriculture and the dramatic loss of tree cover in Haiti that we have created Haiti Takes Root. HTR is a unique public-private coalition led by the Government of Haiti, whose goal is to reverse over 200 years of deforestation in-country. J/P HRO is a founding member of this coalition comprised of the Government of France, World Bank, and Parker Foundation. We believe that re-greening Haiti will take massive injection of new resources, more efficient programming, and research that brings innovative practices to the economic, energy, and environment sectors.

How are we helping? 

We are partnering with ACCESO on farmer relief packages and sustainable agroforestry. ACCESO’s model is unique because farmers receiving material and technical support also receive a guarantee from ACCESO to buy their crops. The link between immediate relief and long-term sustainability - a focus for J/P - is thus clear.

The project will begin with an initial integration with Cavaillon, where we will co-finance:

  1. a tree nursery/anchor farm;
  2. the distribution of approximately 300 “farmer relief kits” containing seeds, seedlings, and tools; and,
  3. provide farmer extension services and guaranteed purchase of crops over a 5-year period. 

In partnership with American Red Cross we are working on urban planning and community mobilization for an urban greening initiative. After the 2010 earthquake, a spontaneous settlement emerged in Canaan and has since grown to become the fourth-largest city in Haiti with a population over 300,000. Two main activities were implemented as part of this objective of the project

  1. The design, construction, and supervision of green public spaces.
  2. The training and mobilization of Urban population on tree planting and protection.

What is our ultimate goal?

  • Promotion of environmentally sustainable agroforestry value chains
  • Preservation of critical protected areas
  • Reduction in use of unsustainable charcoal and firewood

With increased public and private partnerships, more efficient programming, and increased productivity of reforestation efforts, we will improve climate resilience, reduce environmental degradation, and increase rural livelihoods.

HTR First Inning, Pt. 1

Top of First Inning

On a Friday night the shop was crowded with people. This pub where small-earning salary men and students gather have half of the private rooms with all the seats set up as horigotatsu and isolated with grid patterned walls in every direction. Munakata and his group were lead into the pub. Next to them two company employee-like men are gulping down their drinks with a hard expression. The inside of the place was rambunctious, so he could not hear their voices, but surely they are grumbling complaints about their job. I understand the feeling, Munakata bowed his head in understanding.

Once the drinks were brought over,

“Anyway, good work for this year.”

The eldest of them Munakata took the lead for a toast with a hoarse voice. Raising the mug of his draft beer, it clanked against each of the four glasses gathered at the middle of the table. Three were draft beers, and one was an oolong tea.

Washing down his throat half of the drink in one go with white bubbles caught around his mouth, “Aah, this is good. It’s so refreshing.” Munakata spit out an old-man like phrase. Actually, he is one. He is already forty years old, and wrinkles stand out around the corners of his eyes and mouth. If it were not for the black eyepatch covering his right eye, he would look like any ordinary middle-aged man. Regardless, for a normal middle-aged man what he wears was first-class. From the tucked in sleeves of his high quality stripped suit a branded wristwatch is peeking out.

“Munakata-san, there is still another two months for this year left.” The one sitting next to him, Shinohara, said as he drinks his oolong tea. “Don’t you think it’s too soon to forget the year?”

Shinohara is still a newcomer. He wears the same suit as Munakata, but more than a company employee he looks like a university student who attended a coming-of-age ceremony. Presently, he is still a university student. Paired up with Munakata their age gap is separated enough to not appear to be parent and child.

“It’s fine. We’ll be getting so busy we won’t have time for a year-end party.”

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Say, why do you think the back of redback spiders are red anyway? Don’t you think mixing in with the normal spiders would allow them to not be noticed by humans? Even poisonous mushrooms are like that. Even though they could kill more humans if they don’t have such a flashy color and stick with a soil color like shiitake mushrooms instead. Wonder why that is? I thought a reason for that; that it’s definitely just because it’s cooler.
—  Enokida from Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Volume 1

Second T update video on my Youtube! 

How I met Hot Chelle Rae!! pt.3

so after they left, my other friend’s boyfriend finally came, and we were about to leave the Alley but soon as we were about to leave we see Ryan walking with this girl. (she was super pretty, idk if she was his girlfriend, but she was gorgeous)

He looked at us and said “Hi!!!” we were like “Hi Ryan, we love you, can we get a picture!”

he said “Let’s do it”

but before that my tipsy friend asked the girl for a hug,she said “I don’t know who you are but you with Ryan, so you deserve a hug to” and Ryan and the Girl started laughing. She asked the girl if she could get a picture with Ryan, the girl said “I don’t mind girl take your picture lol”

So she got her picture, I was about to take it but the girl said “ill take it for you guys, go ahead jump in” I said it’s okay, I want my own picture lol" she started laughing and said okay

so after her, I got to take mine!

after my picture, I was like “I didn’t look to big in the picture did I?” the girl said “no girl you look great” Ryan turned to me and said “you do look good”. I was like thanks" my other friend cut us off and was like “could you please tell Nash to come back down” and I put my head down lol Ryan was like “Oh I will and Nash will come back down” lol

We were only with Ryan for a couple of minutes but I still loved every moment lol

Nash, Ian, Jamie, and Ryan all introduced their selves to us, before anything. Ian and Jamie said That they can’t forget my twitter name @Jazzy_Gangsta lol

I love how Nash says my name.

before Ian left he said bye Jazzy Fresh lol and gave me hung. 

I like how they all asked us for our names, made us feel speical, even so I know they prob. forgot it once they got up to their room, even so Jamie and Ian said they can’t forget my name lol

but yeah that was my experience lol


Ian did say they were thinking about doing a house of blues tour! I said I HOPE SOOO!!!